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[Beyond PlayStation] The Beggar’s Ride Review


The Beggar's Ride Review - 1

The Beggar’s Ride is a brilliant platformer for all ages that is currently available for Nintendo’s home console. Graphically, the game is very beautiful release full of light and vibrant colors. Come read our The Beggar’s Ride review to see why this is a must-have Wii U release!


The Beggar’s Ride is a game about an old white bearded beggar who is transported to a far away different land, where he find masks that grant him God-like abilities. At first, you may find the platforming aspects of the game to appear a bit too basic, but that will change as you progress. You will encounter many enemies and traps, which is common for platformers, and they will test your skills. The water is safe in this game (which ain’t the norm), so no worries about falling in.

The Beggar's Ride Review - 2

One of the best things about the game is the tutorials are written in the backgrounds in black letters, so instead of a standard tutorial level you play the game as you normally would but you get texts in the background explaining what you can do next. I liked how the developers used the tutorial system without interrupting your gameplay. A very nice touch.

The Beggar's Ride Review - 3

The masks that you find in game will help you with puzzle solving. For example, the Quake mask enables you to shake the game world by tilting the gamepad left and right to make rocks and boulder’s do what you want them to do – like roll on to a plank so that you can reach a higher platform. There are four masks in total with different abilities. The masks are also upgraded as you progress. At the start, the masks look plain but become prettier with each upgrade.

The Beggar's Ride Review - 4

The puzzles are not overly difficult, but some will have you scratching your head, as they require you to use the game’s physics, timing things just right. If you screw up a puzzle, you can reset it and give it another go, usually with a new understanding of how not to solve it.

The Beggar's Ride Review - 5

You need keys to progress to the next level. Keys look like the seeker balls from the Harry Potter movies – except without wings of course. The game has a multitude of checkpoints which can also be used as warp points, so you can backtrack for any gold collectibles that you may have missed, which in probably unlikely to be needed as I never missed a single one. If there are some not in plain sight, then be sure to use a God-like power so that the view will zoom out.

The Beggar's Ride Review - 2

There is no voice acting, but everything you need to know is in a few lines of text in the background. The game may be very short, but it’s a very fun experience. I loved writing my The Beggar’s Ride review since the game is a solid platformer that the whole family will enjoy. Other than some times when the loading felt a bit on the slow side, I have no complaints about the game.

[review pros=”Polished graphics.
Solid gameplay.
Lots of collectibles.” cons=”Loading time can be a bit slow at some points.” score=90]

This review is based on a EU Wii U copy of The Beggar’s Ride provided by Bad Seed