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Alone With You Out On August 23

Alone With You - 3

Indie dev Benjamin Rivers, who you might remember from indie horror hit Home, is hard at work on his next release, which is coming to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 on August 23! Come check out the trailer for Alone With You, and find out more information about the game as well as some new screens after the break.

Alone With You - 1


There are more than 12 missions in the game where you explore, use your scanner, engage in conversation, dig up old artifacts, ride rickety elevators, figure out pass codes, fix drones, and piece together dozens of intertwining narratives, among many other things. Gameplay is fluid and fast as you unlock the mysteries of the doomed space colony you’re so desperately trying to escape.

Because the game is narrative-focused and has a day-by-day mission structure, you can play it all in one go — which will take several hours — or at your own pace. Need to return to the game in the middle of a mission? Your diligent AI pal will remind you what you need to do.

Alone With You - 2

Trophy hunters will be happy to learn that Alone With You will include a full trophy list with a Platinum, which is always great news for an indie release because we do love getting trophies!