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[PS4] Life Goes On: Done to Death Review

Life Goes On: Done To Death Review

Life Goes On: Done to Death from Infinite Monkeys Entertainment is a very clever and fun platformer where players are tasked with finding the Cup of Life. What’s the twist of this game? Well, it turns out you’ll be murdering many, many knights during your journey, and you’ll use their dead bodies to help you solve puzzles. Intrigued by the premise? Then come read our Life Goes On: Done to Death review!


Why would killing knights allow you to solve puzzles and carry on with you quest? Because you can, say, impale a knight on a spike to create a platform for you to continue. Or perhaps you want to keep a dead body on top of a button that will activate a door. Every time you die, you must press the X button to have a new knight spawn, and this extra action is what makes it so that you must carefully time each button press. If you don’t, you might spawn a new knight and immediately jump to your death, destroying your chance of being properly rewarded for your performance.

Life Goes On: Done To Death Review - 7

Trial and error is a must for this game, and learning where to die and when will show you the way. You’ll soon be able to shave some valuable seconds from your total time. You will then lower your death knight count after learning how you can kill a knight at a specific spot to be able to climb to a ledge instead of having to go over a couple of extra jumps.

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You’ll be graded on how well you do for each level, based on the number of knights used to solve it as well as how fast you did it. The highest award you can get for a level is a shining award that looks as if a bit of purple goes through it, and this means you have mastered that level. There’s also an extra element to consider: Jeff. Jeff likes to eat knights, and feeding him is also a requirement to master a level (and the area). Don’t worry, Jeff, won’t bite… he’s more of a “chew whole” kinda fella. Feeding Jeff usually does not mix with getting a purple award for time and number of knights killed, so replaying a level a few times is a must if you want to 100% the game.

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There are plenty of levels to complete in this game, and hundreds of knights will die before you can even complete the first area! Each of these knights will have a fun and clever name that will make you chuckle every now and then, which is a nice touch considering how “death by fire” and “cut in half by a chainsaw” could take the game into a very dark place.

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Trophy hunters are definitely going to be challenged by the game’s puzzles on their way to a mighty Platinum that, as expected, is still a very rare trophy to add to their collection (not many people have managed to get all trophies in the game so far, so kudos to those of you who have this in their profile).

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I’ve had a lot of fun doing this Life Goes On: Done to Death review. The way the game scores you on each level based on three objectives just kept pushing me to retry each level over and over until I got the highest grade for all three objectives. The game is very addictive like that, and since a lot of trial and error is involved in the process of improving at each level, the replay value is very high. I definitely recommend you get Life Goes On: Done to Death on PS4. You won’t be disappointed!

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[review pros=”Fun and hectic gameplay.
Lots of content.
Full trophy count.” cons=”No complaints” score=92]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Life Goes On: Done to Death provided by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment