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Laser Disco Defenders Coming To PS Vita Next Week

Laser Disco Defenders - 1

Indie studio Out of Bounds is ready to release Laser Disco Defenders next week on PlayStation Vita! The studio has also confirmed that the game will also be released on PlayStation 4 later in the year, and that the game will be cross-buy so getting the PS Vita version will have you set to get the PS4 version for free.


The game features an outfit system that allows players to customize their experience:

Keep your enemies at bay with the visor! A reticule will show you if your shot will hit an enemy. Perfect for sniping from a distance and for those who want to make each shot count.

Chrome Suit
Nothing like a bit of chrome to lighten up your day. Whatever clothes you are wearing determines how you shoot and with the chrome suit you get a rapid fire stream of beams. This is great if you want to clear a room quickly but you then have to deal with all the lasers bouncing around afterwards. It is also not as precise as the other options in the game.

Moon Boots

Why do you only weigh one sixth on the moon? Because you are wearing moon boots! Personally I like to combine them with the Visor since it makes it even easier to hit enemies from a distance. You do pay in slower acceleration though, so it can be tricky to get out of a tough situation after you have cleared a room.

If all goes according to our plans we’ll have a review for you close to the game’s launch, so be ready!