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[PS4] Full Mojo Rampage Review

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Full Mojo Rampage is a fun game that mixes a few popular genres into one release – Twin Stick Shooter, RPG and Dungeon Crawler with a hint of Roguelike. As soon as I booted it up and started to plat for the first time, I instantly liked it. Want to learn more about this quirky and fun game? Then read our Full Mojo Rampage review!


You play as a masked voodoo character, and you have four main quests which serve as the game’s chapters with five subquests per main quest. The levels within each quest feature different objectives to complete such as closing down portals and collecting items. The levels are randomly generated so no two playthroughs are ever the same.

Each Quest also has a couple of boss battles for you to take on, which are quite challenging. The good news is they don’t level up with you, so you may not beat them at first, but as you gain experience and add points to your stats, you can eventually defeat them.

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When you complete a level and reach the exit, you will be greeted with the map where you can choose where to go. Completed levels are marked with three X, and as you progress you will come to a fork where you can choose levels, a vendor, a riddle or event. If you choose a riddle and you get it right you will be given a gift which is random. Events are like bonus levels you can take a crack at to be rewarded.

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During the game, you will pick up items that will either give you passive abilities like stat boosts, replenish your health or allow you to cast spells. You will also encounter scrolls that will give you various things like new pins or medals. You can use these medals to purchase blessings and unlock new Loas. Any coins you collect from defeating enemies you can use to buy things from vendors or use them to increase the levels of your pins. Upon dying you will lose anything you collect except your money, medals and your level plus anything you have unlocked. Everything else is lost, and you will start back at level 1. Due to the game’s nature, you have to be prepared to die A LOT, but it will get easier and as you level up.

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You can customize your character with various voodoo masks, and you can also select a parent God – you can unlock more with medals that you earn through completing objectives, or that you can sometimes find as loot after defeating some enemies.


The are eight Loa parent Gods to choose from, each giving you special offensive spells to use, which are on cooldown timers, plus a passive ability. The pins that you can take with you into maps offer a variety of perks and passive bonuses to your character, so do keep this in mind!

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Full Mojo Rampage features both online and local multiplayer but, unfortunately, it’s very hard to find other players online. Since several of the game’s trophies are geared towards multiplayer and a few are specifically for online multiplayer, you’ll better search high and low for multiplayer partners if you want a new Platinum for your collection!

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Once you’ve managed to complete the game’s four quests, you’ll be busy working on the Daily Quest mode, which is a time-based mode where the longer you survive, the higher up your spot will be on the leaderboards. There is also the Night of The Dead Spirits mode where your goal is to survive a set number of enemy groups. There is also the Survival Unlimited mode that is unlocked after you complete Night Of The Dead Spirits Mode.

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Overall, this is a fun release. I was busy for many hours playing in order to write this Full Mojo Rampage review, and I just wish the online multiplayer part had more participants right now, but hopefully things will improve as more and more people give this one a chance.

[review pros=”Very addictive.
Good looking game.
Hours of Content.” cons=”Needs more people playing online.” score=80]


This review is based on a PS4 copy of Full Mojo Rampage provided by Nicalis.