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[PS4] Perfect Universe Review

Perfect Universe Review Header

Perfect Universe is an interesting title that presents a collection of nine games all centered around defying the laws of gravity. Along the way you will encounter lots of traps and hazards that will try and get in the way of your success! Want to find out if the game is one to add to your PS4 collection? Then read our Perfect Universe review!


I liked the hand drawn art style very much, and this made it easier to try all the games! You have a choice of playing the collection of games on either a white or a black background, which I though was a good idea as I found the white background a bit too much for my eyes.

OK, let’s get down to business and talk about the nine games that are available for you to play.

PERFECT MOON (Single player)

In this game, you have 27 levels and a total of 65 stars to collect. The aim of the game is to zip around the levels avoiding traps and hazards to collect the required number of diamonds within the par time to unlock all the stars for each level. The difficulty of each level will increase as you progress.

Perfect Universe Review

You can freely bounce and freefall to other sections of the game without any danger. The challenge lies in doing each level in the fastest time possible, and the faster you are the more stars you earn. The number of stars you earn will unlock new levels for you to play. Expect traps and hazards on all levels such as crushers, spikes, running blades and more!

MOON LIFE (Single Player)

In this game, you control a frog called Mr. Legs… which is the tricky part! You use both thumbsticks on your DS4 to control each of the frog’s legs – it is not quite as easy as it sounds. Your objective is to move Mr. Legs around the levels collecting leaves. As with Perfect Moon, you have to do it as fast as possible.

Perfect Universe Review

It is far from an easy game to play, but it’s all about the challenge, right? It is an odd game but certainly unique. If you have poor hand/eye coordination then it’ll be quite frustrating. There are 21 levels with 50 planets to collect.

STARLIGHT (Single Player)

Starlight is quite simple to play. All you do is thrust with the X button and turn with the directional pad! The collectibles this time around are fireworks, so you must collect all of them in the fastest time possible. There ar e21 levels with 50 fireworks to collect.

In the same fashion as the games described above, there ARE plenty of hazards and traps to avoid, hitting one will mean your instant demise and a restart. A Fun game, but not one of my favorites from this collection.

SPORTS DAY (Single Player/Multiplayer)

Sports day is a collection of minigames…. within this collection of mini-games!

First up is Moon Golf, which is pretty self-explanatory. You can choose from 8 courses ranging from easy to ultra hard, and you can play with up to three other friends or if you prefer you can play with AI partners. What is the game about? Well, you play a game of golf on the moon! I liked this one very much since all you have to do is aim and take your shot and hope gravity does the rest and the ball goes straight into the Hole!

Next up is Rocketball, which is awesome. This can be summed up as a 2D space version of a game similar to Rocket League. It is a very fast-paced game where you must score as many time as possible as you try to keep the ball away from the other players. I liked this one even more than I liked Moon Golf, and if you have some friends, it is well worth playing.

Perfect Universe - Rocket Ball

What about Volleyball? is that a sport you really like? Then Moon Volley is for you! You serve the ball and then your opponent has up to three hits to get the ball back over the net. It is actually more fun when gravity is involved as there is more of a challenge than in a standard volleyball game.

Perfect Universe Review

There is also Balloon pop., which stars Mr. Legs. You have to control his legs with the thumbsticks of your DS4, and you have to pop as many balloons as you can by simply touching them. Not quite as easy as you may think as you will find out soon!

The last game in the pack is Gravity Dodge, which is kind of like space dodgeball. I have to be honest and mention that I didn’t like this game… but who knows, you and your friends might like it!

Perfect Universe Review

Perfect Universe is a fun mini-game collection with something to offer for everyone. Sure, I didn’t like all games I played for my Perfect Universe review, but they were fun as a package and I can definitely see me playing them again with friends every now and then.

[review pros=”Good hand-drawn Graphics.
Some fun game modes.
Clever puzzles.” cons=”Some modes can be frustrating.” score=80]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Perfect Universe provided by Excalibur Publishing Limited.