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The Final Station Coming To PS4 This August

Prolific indie studio tinyBuild is hard at work on The Final Station, a very interesting release that will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 on August 30! Check out the game’s announcement trailer below as well as some additional info on the game straight from tinyBuild!


Alex Nichiporchik from tinyBuild had this to say about The Final Station:

The difficulty of the game comes from its station design — you never see what’s behind a locked door and are always running low on supplies. If you use up that last medkit on yourself, odds are one of your survivors will die due to injuries. If they die on your train (during travels between stations), you can loot them for a small reward. However, if you get them to their destination — they will give you a much more tangible reward (Maybe an upgrade for your gun?).

We definitely like what has been shown for the game so far, and look forward to seeing what else tinyBuild will reveal before the game’s release next month. For now check the screens below and be sure to stick around at for news and reviews on all of tinyBuild’s releases!

The Final Station - III

The Final Station - II

The Final Station - I