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Nebulous Coming To PS4

Nebulous - Logo

Indie team Namazu Studios has been working for a while on a new game, and they got in touch with us to talk about it. They will be releasing Nebulous on PlayStation 4 next month, on August 30. After you check out the trailer below, I’m sure you’ll definitely want to play this game on Sony’s console!


As you’ve just seen from the video, this one is a physics puzzle game! In this release you get to control the fate of astronaut Dan Johnson as he travels through the gamw’s many levels, making sure to avoid all the deadly traps and hazards as you try to keep him in one piece.

Using gadgets is a must in order o get from pont A to point B, as stated by the developers:

While exploring space, Commander Dash Johnson is pulled through a wormhole filled with giant puzzles and deadly traps. Players strategically position devices such as gravity altering machines, bouncers, conveyor belts and other gadgets to direct Commander Johnson away from obstacles and toward each stage’s exit portal.

We certainly love playing puzzle games on Sony’a home console, so if all goes well we should have a review for you about Nebulous, so be sure to stick around at!