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[PS4] N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure Review

NERO Review

N.E.RO.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure from developer Vertigo Games and publisher SOEDESCO that is available on PlayStation 4 either digitally or at retail. This is a great looking puzzle game where everything is not what it seems. Intrigued? Read our N.E.RO.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure review to see why we definitely recommend this game!


You find yourself on a beach after traveling from on a boat who knows where for who knows how long. You have no other choice but to walk forward so that you can explore your surroundings and try to understand what is going on. Will you find the answers you seek? Is your mind playing tricks on you? Only one way to find out!

NERO - 1

Within five minutes of starting the game, you’ll find your first puzzle: a giant door with two contraptions you can interact with. Interacting with said contraptions in the correct order will unlock the massive door in front of you, granting you your first unmissable trophy in the game. As you walk, you’ll notice glowing words floating around, and this is who the game tells most of its story. Thanks to the floating messages you’ll learn more about where you are and why you are there.

NERO - 2

You should explore every corner of every section in the game so that you can find the missing memento that will help to fill the picture you’re carrying around. There’s one in every area and finding it can sometimes be a bit tricky thanks to the way the game’s look is setup. Glowing plants will light your paths, but sometimes it is the darker paths that hold the things you are looking for.

NERO - 3

At around 20 minutes into the game the game, I found a companion to join me on my journey. Using the L1 button I was able to direct my companion to stand at specific spots in the area and, as you can imagine, this is very helpful while trying to solve some of the game’s puzzles, and it brings some variety to the table.

NERO - 4

Trophy hunters must be aware of the fact that N.E.R.O. includes a full trophy count, so if you do everything that is required, you’ll end up adding a nice Platinum trophy to your collection after you have fun with this game. And no, the game is not as linear as you’d think since it does offer branching paths that might make you miss a puzzle or two here and there, so you will definitely be doing a lot as you aim for that shiny Plat.

NERO - 5

I had a good time with N.E.R.O. Sure, some people don’t like the “walking simulator” genre in which the game will probably be included, but for me, it felt more like an interactive visual novel with a solid narrative that kept me interested from start to finish. After doing my N.E.RO.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure review, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you buy this PlayStation 4 release.

NERO - 8

[review pros=”Interesting story.
Great graphics.” cons=”No complaints” score=93]

This reviews is based on a PS4 copy of N.E.RO.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure provided by SOEDESCO.

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