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[PS4] The Sun And Moon Review

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The Sun and Moon from developer Daniel Linssen and publisher Digerati is a clever puzzle/platformer game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita where players control a small circular thing that can change at the press of a button and dive into a solid surface. Want to learn more? Come check out our The Sun and Moon review!


The Sun and Moon is a game that was declared as the winner for Ludum Dare 29 (back in April 2014). Ludum Dare is an accelerated video game development competition where participants are tasked with creating a full video game using the given theme… in only two days! As you can imagine, it’s a very fast-paced and hectic competition where a lot of great ideas come to life.

The Sun and Moon Review - 1

As I mentioned before, you can dive into the ground at the press of a button, and then use your momentum and the reverse gravity in effect to launch yourself high into the air (and though other objects if you press the button at the right time), and come crashing back down with bigger momentum and dive into the ground to do it all over again until you have as much speed as you need!

The Sun and Moon Review - 2

On top of this, you must also collect the three orbs in each level before you jump into the wormhole that will take you to the next level. Unfortunately for you, the play area is surrounded by a bottomless pit, and there are plenty of spikes here and there to keep you on your toes. Spikes are always placed in the perfect spot to kill your flow, forcing you to rethink your strategy before you end up crashing into them.

The Sun and Moon Review - 3

Grabbing all three orbs is only half the challenge because you’re also ranked in each level depending on how fast you collect said orbs and exit the level… and yes, there’s some trophies tied to this, so you better get good at the game! Each level has three medals you can get, and getting them all will prove to be quite the challenge. Luckily the game works just as intended and the controls are very responsive, so when you do find the perfect way to cut that final second and a half from your total time in a level, you’ll feel great.

The Sun and Moon Review - 4

The Sun and Moon is a very big puzzle platformer since it includes over 150 levels to complete. Something I really liked about this game is that levels are not unlocked in a linear manner. This means that there will be some moments where you can technically “skip” a level that is giving you trouble and try another one so that you can later come back to the trickier stage.

The Sun and Moon Review - 5

The game’s graphics might be disliked by some of you, but for me, they feel perfect for this particular experience. The game’s minimalistic approach allowed me to focus completely on the gameplay since I was never distracted by its art style, and that is a good thing considering how challenging this game really is!

The Sun and Moon Review - 6

After playing the game for this The Sun and Moon review, I highly recommend you download it today. It’s kept me busy for many hours now, replaying each level to get that perfect three-medal score so that I can unlock all trophies. So if you want a challenging puzzle platformer on PlayStation 4, this one from Daniel Linssen and Digerati is exactly what you need.

[review pros=”Fun puzzle platformer design.
Lots of content.
Solid gameplay” cons=”Graphics might be too minimalistic for some” score=84]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of The Sun and Moon provided by Digerati.