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[PS4] Retsnom Review

Retsnom Review

Retsnom from indie SOMI is a very intriguing puzzle platformer with a fun twist and a great pixeltastic look. The main premise of the game is that a father will do anything to protect his daughter, so when the main character’s daughter is sick, we see just how far he will go to find a cure for her. Want to learn more? Then check our Retsnom review!


Controls for Retsnom are easy to understand. You move around with the left analog stick or the D-pad, and you can look up and down with the left analog stick. Jumping is achieved with the X button, and you can also climb up and down after grabbing to a ladder and using the left analog stick or the D-Pad.

Within a couple of minutes of starting the game, you’ll run into its main gameplay mechanic: mirroring. The first skill allows you to mirror the screen from left to right when you press the circle button. You don’t flip the entire screen, but only a specific area around your character. The only rule is that you can’t flip the screen if the blocks in the area would end up crushing you after a flip.

Retsnom Review - 1

The game will then kindly carry out a handy tutorial to let you know how to use this mechanic to get rid of a wall in your way so that you can continue to climb and run towards the level’s exit. You should also be careful when you mirror the area because if you, say, remove the floor by flipping you’ll end up falling to your death. Luckily the game has a very generous checkpoint system, so you’ll instantly be back where you stood before your mistake. Checkpoints look like small neon pink rectangles, and you’ll know you’ve activated a checkpoint after said rectangle turns green.

To open the door you must find the door pieces in the level, and sometimes you’ll also need to find a key. On top of this, each level also includes a special hidden object (a pink rabbit) that you must collect for your daughter, and to gain access to said object, you’ll have to get a bit creative with how you use your mirroring technique. If you’re having trouble finding the pink rabbits, be sure to hit the R3 button so you can check a level’s map so you can find where they’re hiding… unless they’re hiding inside a wall!

As you can imagine, the zombies roaming each level are very bad news, and you must, therefore, stay far, far away from them – the moment they see you they will come running your way! You can, however, use your mirroring technique to flip the area so that you can use the handy blocks around you to crush them, leaving a nice red splat on the walls for a few seconds… or you could shoot at them once you’ve gotten access to a weapon.

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After you complete a level the game will tell you how many of the hidden objects you found, how long it took you to complete the level, how many times you died, and how many enemies you defeated. If you didn’t find all hidden objects or if you’d like to aim at being faster at completing a level, you can always go back to it by way of the stage select.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t jump or flip your way out, you can hit the L1 button to mash your head against the floor to kill yourself. After this, you’ll be taken back to the last checkpoint you passed so that you can try again. Yes, it’s a gruesome way to implement a “do over” button, but it fits the game’s setting.

The story is told without voice acting, and the narrative happens during each of the levels as well as between them, giving players a glimpse at the bigger story arc, explaining the why of what is currently going on.

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The game features 17 trophies in total, with four Silver and the rest being bronze. Some will be awarded just for clearing each world in the game, while others will require that you complete a world after finding all rabbit dolls. There’s also trophies for dying 100 times (which should come naturally), one for killing 100 zombies, and one for clearing three hidden stages. They’re named that for a reason, so be ready to explore!

I had a great time doing this Retsnom review and plan to go back to the game to get the few trophies I’m missing so that I can add another 100% trophy list to my profile. Its clever puzzle mechanics, great pixel art and interesting premise make this a great PS4 indie release to add to your collection.

[review pros=”Fun puzzle platformer.
Clever gameplay mechanics.
Several levels” cons=”No complaints” score=87]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Retsnom provided by SOMI.