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[PS4] Ninja Pizza Girl Review

Ninja PIzza Girl Review

Dash that rooftop, duck from that vent, take down that ninja… knock on the customer’s door and deliver that pizza?? Let’s dive into one of the best pizza delivery games before our order gets too cold, so come check out our Ninja Pizza Girl review!


Ninja Pizza Girl is a supreme platformer with a deep-dish message. Featuring an old-school action platformer vibe, a dedicated speedrun mode, and comic cutscenes hand drawn by an authentic teenage girl. Its deeply-woven story follows Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl working as a pizza delivery ninja for her father’s independent Pizzeria. In a world where slums teeter on top of skyscrapers, where powerful mega-corporations exploit the poor and where quality pizza is hard to come by, Gemma must fight to keep her ideals, her family and their business intact in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl – other teenagers.
Ninja Pizza Girl. For Family. For Honour. For Pizza.

Ninja Pizza Girl – Launch Trailer

Ninja Pizza Girl brought to us from Disparity games is an interesting title – it’s a platforming runner where the focus is on delivering your pizza while using your Parkour and Ninja skills. I don’t think this by itself would make a good game, but thanks to the huge focus on Gemma, the Ninja Pizza Girl in question, this one ends up being a special release.

NinjaPizzaGirl1 2015-05-19 09-27-54-06

You star as Gemma, a regular girl who delivers pizza by way of the Ninja after school. You quickly learn that her family is running a small pizza place in the city and is fending off the big pizza mega corporations so that people can still have a good piece of pie at an affordable price. You actually get to spend some time with Gemma before and after each level, and the story touches on Gemma realizing her own issues, dealing with love, poverty, and bullying – it tell an interesting story that will make you care for her character.

The game itself is a platformer/runner game, which felt very similar to Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien to me. You run through the environments and jump, swing, duck and beat other ninjas through the rooftops. As you play, you start to develop a rhythm and flow in the game as you get better. All of the actions are tied to the face buttons, and the game does a good job easing you into the different commands. For a platformer that requires perfect control to play well, the controls felt a bit off for me. I’m pretty good at platformers, and there would be certain points where I knew I hit the buttons on time, and it didn’t register properly.

NinjaPizzaGirl1 2015-05-19 09-31-18-26

What I like about Ninja Pizza Girl is how the health for Gemma was handled. Instead of a traditional health bar like most games would do, Gemma’s self-esteem is your health. As you play the game and take damage from big falls or another ninja bullies you, self-esteem goes down, and the screen will lose its color. When Gemma is feeling terrible about herself, the level is over, and you need to retry to delivering the pizza. It’s a unique take that I made this a very unique experience.

The game is full of collectibles that after being grabbed can be spent on additional costumes, mini-games, and even on modifying the gameplay with bigger jumps and other features. It adds a bit of exploration to the levels that otherwise you wouldn’t think you could do because of the imposing time limit countdown, adding some replay value to the game.

NinjaPizzaGirl1 2015-05-19 09-48-16-96

I thought the game had a great art style that made it very different from other platformers I have played before. The entire theme of the game fits this presentation as well, using the hand-drawn character models for dialogue scenes. I think my only major complaint regarding the art direction of the game was that none of the worlds seemed distinct – it would have been nice to see a bit more variety in the places you visited.

NinjaPizzaGirl1 2015-05-19 09-30-08-74

Final Thoughts

I think Ninja Pizza Girl is a game brimming with presentation and style. It does things differently here and there making it a great experience. What holds the game back a bit are its controls that feel somewhat unresponsive – for a game that requires precise controls, that is something that needs to be addressed (hopefully witch a patch) – but in the end, it wasn’t a deal breaker. I had fun doing my Ninja Pizza Girl review, and I would recommend that you play this one.

pros=”Art Direction
Gemma’s Story” cons=”Controls should be improved
Needs more variety in the levels” score=75]

Cost: $9.99

PSN Game size: 2.5 GB

You can purchase Ninja Pizza Girl from the PSN store


This review is based on a PS4 copy of Ninja Pizza Girl provided by Disparity Games Pty. Ltd.


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