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Glitched Coming to PS Vita and PlayStation 4

Glitched Kickstarter

Indie developer En House Studios has a Kickstarter campaign for Glitched, an interesting game that is basically a very streamlined RPG. In this there are no battles as such, no experience points and no leveling up! If that didn’t get your attention, the trailer below should:

The project has been doing very well on Kicktarter, and it has reached two very important stretch goals for the PlayStation community. Because of them, Gliched will now be released on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2018! You can click right here to try a demo for the game. Be sure to back it on Kickstarter so that the game continues to grow as it reaches more stretch goals.

Glitched Kickstarter - 1

There’s a very important Stretch Goal at $65,000 that would allow the developer to create DLC. This is important since it would be FREE for those that back the Kickstarter. While the content itself has not been specified, it will add 10-12 hours of extra content! Once the main game has been completed, the DLC will probably enter the planning stage. We’re very interested in this game, and look forward to playing it at home or on the go once 2018 hits!

Did you try the demo for Glitched? Have you backed the game already? Let us know in the comments below!