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Valley - New Extended Narrative Tailer

Valley - 1

Blue Isle Studio, who you might remember from Slender: The Arrival, has released a new extended narrative trailer for Valley, their new PlayStation 4 game that will be released on August 24. The game will be available for $19.99, so be sure to check out the trailer below and see if it’s a game you’d like to play!


In Valley, players will pilot the L.E.A.F. exosuit, enhancing their physical abilities to new levels of strength while making it easy to quickly traverse through the massive world of The Valley. As they explore, players will collect orbs of life, dash through forests, leap between structures, and uncover clues while wielding control over the life and death of the living creatures and plant life around you.

The Valley is a magical hidden wonder in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Filled with a variety of wondrous creatures and beautiful vistas, the Valley also holds the ancient Lifeseed relic, which according to legend is a bringer of death on a global scale. The Valley’s predecessors have attempted to harness it before to no avail, and now it’s up to the player to explore the Valley while attempting to capture and harness the power of the Lifeseed for good.

What did you think of the game’s new extended narrative trailer? Did this PlayStation 4 release end up grabbing your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

We had a lot of fun with Slender: The Arrival, so hopefully we will be able to bring you a review for Valley close to its PlayStation 4 release, so be sure to stick around for this and more on this new game!