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[Beyond PlayStation] Color Symphony 2 Review


Color Symphony 2 Review

Color Symphony 2 is a puzzle platformer that uses colors to make platforms appear and disappear as you try to reach the exit. By changing the background colors, you can eliminate obstacles in your path or hazardous traps. An interesting concept for a puzzle platformer, don’t you think? But the question is, how does the gameplay fare on the Wii U? Read our Color Symphony 2 review to find out more!


First of all, I would like to point out to all our color blind readers, that the game has full support for you. Nobody will be left out of this wonderful and unique puzzler platform. All you need to do is tweak the options menu to your liking, and you can play the game as well as players who are not color blind.

Colour Symphony 2 is by no means an easy game. It may look simplistic, but the frustration will soon set in. The story is told in cryptic text messages throughout the levels. You play as someone sharply dressed in black with a low black hat, and since the story is fairly mysterious, the gameplay reflects that mystery in the puzzles.

Color Symphony 2 Review - 1

Each level is very short and to the point. For this game you can expect to be staring at what looks like an empty level with a black ledge on the other side of the screen. Since you cannot jump that far, what can you do to proceed? Simply change a color and platforms will appear, enabling you to move to that black platform! I’m describing an easy level, but mix that up with a few traps and hazards, the ever looming presence of bottomless pits and a having to complete levels as quickly as possible to get into the leaderboards.

Color Symphony 2 Review - 2

Timing is incredibly important. Each level is timed, so the better you are, the more stars you earn. Precise timing and trial and error are a heavy part of the game and for some, it can be frustrating at the best of times, so practice and patience are a must. The color changing mechanics may sound like an easy thing to do, but combine that rows of spikes, overgrown weed/grass, floating spinning spikes and more, and you have a recipe for death. The levels will definitely increase in difficulty and become more frantic as you progress, so be ready!

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Colour Symphony 2 has seven chapters with a total of 120 levels. The best thing about your time with this release is that there is no game over screen. If you die you start the whole level again, and any collectible you find are lost, but you’re instantly able to try once again. Speaking of collectibles, the game offers 75 collectible hats for you to find. Some are obvious, and you can see them in plain sight, while others are hidden behind a color puzzles, so a bit of replayability is added to the mix if you want to get all the hats and achieve a perfect full stars rating for each level. And as I mentioned before, there is also a leaderboard where you’ll be competing against the world for the top spot.

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The game has a multitude of in-game achievements for you to earn. So for a small indie title, there is plenty on offer. It is pretty difficult to put a completion time on it as it is very skill-based – those of you with flexible fingers and who are good at fast-paced games such as this will be able to complete it quite quickly, others who are not quite so fast may take a little longer than the rest.

Color Symphony 2 Review - 5

Color Symphony 2 is a very interesting, unique and minimalist release with clever puzzle mechanics. Yes, it can be frustrating in places, but I have enjoyed playing this wonderful title for my Color Symphony 2 review. The only thing I didn’t like was the music – I found it to be a bit distractive. A more mellow choice for the soundtrack would have been a better option.

[review pros=”Great puzzle mechanics.
Lots of Replayability.” cons=”Can be pretty frustrating.” score=80]

This review is based on a Wii U copy of Color Symphony 2 provided by REMIMORY.