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[PS4] Armikrog Review

Armikrog Review

Armikrog was a successful Kickstarter campaign that achieved $975,000 in funds from a $900,000 base goal. After a long wait, the game is finally available on PlayStation 4. What did we think of this new entry in the classic point and click genre? Come ready our Armikrog review to find out!


Armikrog is a claymation game that is kind of a spiritual successor to The Neverhood, a classic release in the point and click genre. My first impressions of Armikrog upon booting up the game is that it has some awesome and catchy music. After that, the claymation look definitely grabbed my attention and kept me glued until the end.

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Armikrog opens with the main protagonist Tommynaut and his sidekick Beak-Beak, a dog who can talk and fly! Crash landing on Spiro 5, they become trapped in a mysterious fortress called Armikrog. Tommynaut and Beak-Beak start their adventure by exploring the location to find a way back home. Along the way, Tommy and Beak-Beak will complete puzzles and find secrets, and there is plenty of humor to enjoy in this wonderful point and click adventure game.

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There is no hand holding, and you are expected to learn how to play the game as you go along. For this reason, alone I would not recommend rushing through the game. Instead, you should pay attention to the things you collect since they will be used to complete the game’s puzzles, so explore everywhere and click everything that you can interact with to reduce the amount of backtracking you’ll do!

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You will play and control Tommynaut for much of the game, but you can switch to Beak-Beak with the square button – he is handy for small passages/holes/gaps and of course for his flying ability. Beak-Beak is also color blind, so switching to him changes the environment to black and white. He can see things that Tommynaut can’t, so Beak-Beak is definitely useful.

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The very first puzzle is relatively easy since you need to find a handle to open the door, and it is just lying on the floor. This puzzle is basically there to get you used to how the game will play, but not all puzzles will be as easy as this one. Looking for clues that can help you solve a puzzle is a must, but there are a few that will leave you scratching your head for a bit. There is one particular long puzzle that you will have to repeat three times. I found this one to be one of the toughest puzzles in the game, but highly rewarding when complete

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As I said before, Beak-Beak can fit through tunnels, and the environments will change to represent his color blindness. He can sometimes find possible puzzle items, and he can also communicate with a strange creature that can transport you from location to location, which is pretty cool and very handy!

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Overall Armikrog is a fun little puzzler. It is very polished experience, and I had an absolute blast playing this fine claymation game for my Armikrog review. I love point and click games, and having that combined with claymation made this even better. The game might have seen several delays during its development, but in the end, the wait was well worth it. If you’re a fan of The Neverhood then you should be downloading this game right now!

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[review pros=”Good story.
Lots of great humor.
Catchy music.
Visually stunning.” cons=”Inventory system can be a bit tricky.” score=90]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Armikrog provided by Versus Evil.