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[PS4] Adam’s Venture: Origins

Adam's Venture: Origins Review

Adam’s Venture: Origins is a port of the original PlayStation 3 episodic series, which is now the full and complete package for the PlayStation 4 thanks to SOEDESCO. The story is good, the puzzles are diverse, and the graphics have been improved, making this the definitive version of the game. Come read our Adam’s Venture: Origins review to learn more about this game!


The story is set in the early 1930. You play as an explorer called Adam Venture, and you will follow him as he unravels the mystery of the Garden of Eden. Adam’s Venture: Origins focuses on puzzles – sure, there are enemies who try to shoot you, but other than that the game revolves around you solving puzzles to progress.

Adam's Venture: Origins - 3

Adam goes on his adventure with Evelyn Appleby by his side. Poor Evelyn has to regularly put up with his rude and sexist attitude. At one point Evelyn asks Adam why he didn’t bring food, and he pretty much said that food preparation was her department! He is quite sexist, as a lot of men were during that era. His attitude made it quite hard to like Adam.

Adam's Venture: Origins - 2

The game has a rich variety of puzzles to sink your teeth into that range from simple word puzzles to rewiring electrical power grids. Adam’s Venture: Origins also has some small stealth sections to mix things up. If you get caught during a stealth section, then you will have to repeat it again, so pay attention to what you did and don’t screw up again!


Adam’s Venture Origins has 20 episodes, and each one is very short so depending on your puzzle skills you can complete the game in one sitting in an afternoon. There are 15 trophies in total including a Platinum, which was a very nice surprise, considering the PS3 version didn’t have one. There are 10 Gold trophies and 4 Silver, with not a single bronze trophy in sight! I managed to achieve my Platinum in one playthrough. Sure, I missed the Globetrotter trophy, but thanks to chapter select I was able to achieve it in a matter of minutes and the Platinum popped. Good news for all the trophy hunters out there, right?

Adam's Venture: Origins - 4

The graphics for Adam’s Venture: Origins have been upgraded for this PlayStation 4 release, with lots of color and attention to detail. Unfortunately, this does not translate as well in the cavern sections which feel a bit too dark, as if they hadn’t benefited from the texture update.

Adam's Venture: Origins - 6

I have enjoyed playing the game from start to finish for my Adam’s Venture: Origins. It was even better when my new and shinny Platinum trophy popped up! This is a very enjoyable game for all puzzle fans, so hopefully you have a good time playing it!

[review pros=”Outdoor sections are very pretty.
Great variety of puzzles.
Story is well written.” cons=”Cave sections are far too dark.” score=80]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Adam’s Venture: Origins provided by SOEDESCO.