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[Beyond PlayStation] Midnight 2 Review


Midnight 2 Review

Midnight 2 is an interesting 2D puzzle platformer from Petite Games that is challenging but never overwhelming. It is a direct sequel to Midnight, so if you have played the original, then you already know what to expect. How does the sequel stack up? Find out in our Midnight 2 review!


Midnight 2 has 28 levels, and while that does make the game a bit on the short side, it is quite challenging in later levels so you’ll spend some extra time trying to get a perfect score. You play as a tiny white square, and your mission is to pot that little square into a tiny glowing hole, then rinse and repeat for the rest of the levels. Gameplay could not be any simpler, right? WRONG!

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As with any decent platformer, you will have to face hazards and obstacles that will require you to restart a level if you’re not careful. These include spikes, rotating blades, bottomless pits, narrow passages and more. Not only that but in some levels you may have some switches you need to hit in order to progress.

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Moving the square is simple. You simply draw a straight line using the Wii U Gamepad, and you can adjust the trajectory and the strength of the square’s movement at will. Each level requires absolute precision, and the more lines you draw the less stars you are awarded – and that is why it’s challenging. For you completionist players getting those three stars for every level will require quite a bit of practice. Getting all three stars in the first ten levels is very achievable but beyond that, you will require some extra trial and error.

Beyond the 28 levels there are no added modes or extra features, so once you have managed to obtain three stars on all levels, the game is over. Most players will be able to complete the levels within an hour or so, but three-star run will take a little longer depending on skill, so overall you’re looking at 2-3 hours at most.

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Midnight 2 is a nice looking game with a minimalistic art style, with only a handful of colors on display. It makes for a very relaxing experience, and the music complements the game perfectly, never becoming too overwhelming or distracting.

Midnight 2 is a fun and short release. I had a lot of fun playing the game for my Midnight 2 review, and look forward to seeing what Petite Games does next. I wouldn’t mind a Midnight 3 at some point because this one was very entertaining!

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[review pros=”Nice minimalistic graphics
Off-TV Play.” cons=”Short game with little replayability.” score=80]

This review is based on a Wii U copy of Midnight 2 provided by Petite Games.