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Bears Can’t Drift Now On PlayStation 4

Bears Can’t Drift  Logo Strangely Named Studios has released racing game Bears Can’t Drift On PlayStation 4. This is a kart racer for friends and family to enjoy, all in a colorful a rich package. Check the trailer below to see why this is game that caught our attention.

Arran Langmead, Founder and Developer at Strangely Named Studio, had this to say about the game:


Bears Can’t Drift uses icons rather than text to enable players, regardless of age or language, to play the game. Difficulty levels are designed to be discovered instead of chosen by menu. In fact, activating hard mode requires a great deal of skill!

All of the tracks are unlocked from the start, but not all tracks are equal. The forest levels are full of flowers and rainbows, welcoming the player with easy turns and short tracks; but beware the ruins, lava flows, and precipitous drops.

Bears Can’t Drift - I

Bears Can’t Drift - II

We’re trying to do an interview with Arran Langmead to talk about the game’s development on PlayStation 4, so be sure to stick around to learn more about this great looking game!