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[PS4/Vita] Dungeon Punks Review

Dungeon Punks Review

Dungeon Punks is a multiplayer tag-team side scrolling beat em up. If that mouthful of a genre description has got your attention, then you should check out our Dungeon Punks review to see why this is a great game for you!


In Dungeon Punks, players can control up to two characters at the same time and swap between them at the press of a button. The game can be played in co-op with three other players on the same screen, or you can go solo with AI teams, the choice is yours. The game will start with you messing up a delivery to the monarchy whose pet is kidnapped, and you are forced to go and rescue it. Along the way, the motley crew ends up getting themselves in a corporate battle for control over RezCorp.

Rezcorp makes their money from death, so if you die in battle you have to pay them your hard earned souls to be revived! To avoid paying up you must find the emergency exit if you are close to dying unless you can manage defeat the boss for that level. As long as you can afford the fee, death is not permanent.

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Each map has around 10-20 areas full of enemies to defeat, and they will drop loot that you can collect and equip when you have completed the level. Some areas have multiple paths that you can explore to find additional loot and money. Defeating enemies will earn you souls that you can use to upgrade your spells. There is plenty of content for you to enjoy and you’ll be busy for several hours seeing everything the game has to offer.

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Aside from some simple button mashing, you have spells you can use. Instead of having mana, you just wait a few minutes and once a message pops telling you your mana has been recharged, you can unleash your deadly spells, causing damage to multiple foes at once. You also have rage abilities. You can find little purple crystals which are dropped by enemies or found in treasure chests, and they will slowly fill up your rage meter. Depending on which character you are controlling you can unleash their ultimate magic spells to cause even more damage than what ordinary spells can do.

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As you gain EXP, you can level up your characters. At the end of each level, their stats are automatically upgraded. And yes, there is some grinding involved since the bosses are very challenging – not in a big way, mind you, but you will need need to replay a level or two before you’re strong enough.

There is a full trophy count including a shiny Platinum for all the hungry trophy hunters out there. You will have to play the game twice, kill almost 5,000 enemies, reach level 40 and complete every side quest available, so for all the completionists out there, that will definitely take several hours on top of a regular run. Are you up for the challenge?

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I really liked Dungeon Punks. It is a gorgeous 2D game with hand-drawn cel-shaded graphics with a good level of polish, and a lot of fun to be had. I played the game for hours for my Dungeon Punks review, and I will be going back until I get that Platinum!

[review pros=”Fantastic hand-drawn graphics.
Lots of humor.
Plenty of content.” cons=”This being a beat ’em up, combat might feel a bit repetitive for some.” score=93]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Dungeon Punks provided by Hyper Awesome Entertainment-