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[Review Revisited] Minutes


Minutes from indie Red Phantom Games is a very addictive puzzle game where you must always remain alert as you move around the screen, making sure you absorb the right color as you avoid the other one. It offers a minimalistic look that keeps you focused on the gameplay, which is certainly appreciated!


As you can see from the video above, this is a puzzle bullet-hell game where you better get good fast or you’ll be eaten alive by all the black objects flying towards you. Figures, lines and energy of the black color will be bad for you, breaking your combo in an instant.

As you collect white energy you’ll be able to grow larger, and the bigger you are, the more points you get. Unfortunately, you can’t remain huge during a whole level or else you’ll just be absorbing all the black objects and lines, screwing up your odds of getting a good score for the level. Luckily you can reduce your size at will, as well as mix things up with the power-ups you get to unlock in the game and that will let you stop time or heal part of your health.

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