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[Beyond PlayStation] Bit Dungeon+ Review


Bit Dungeon+ Review

Bit Dungeon+ is a top-down 8-bit roguelike dungeon crawler that offers a single-player experience or a two player co-op mode. The story is simple but interesting, you and your loved one are trapped, and have spent a thousand years sleeping. Want to find out what happens after you wake up? Then read our Bit Dungeon+ review!


After waking up, you begin your quest to find your loved one. You will have the opportunity to explore the randomized dungeon layouts as you aim to defeat the many bosses that lie in wait for you at the end of each floor. The difficulty of the game will spike as you gain strength and, along the way, you will uncover treasures that will help you become the best warrior you can be.

Bit Dungeon+ - 1

Bit Dungeon+, which features Off-TV play, is an endless roguelike dungeon crawler. Once I reached the end, the game asked me if I was ready for the final boss battle. I was certainly ready since I defeated the last boss in a matter of seconds and then the game restarted. I thought that was strange, but upon restarting the enemies were noticeably tougher, and since I was up for the challenge, I went back for another go.

Bit Dungeon+ - 5

You start your first game with a simple sword and a key to unlock your first door. Your mission is to clear out each dungeon room of large hordes of enemies. As you clear dungeon rooms you will earn keys and loot treasure chests for upgraded weapons, armor, boots, helmets and so on. Rinse and repeat until you reach a big red door which contains a boss. It is advisable to go back and complete any rooms you have missed, which is easy to check on your map by pressing A or by looking on your big screen if you are using Off-TV play or vice versa. By doing this, you’ll be able to make sure you are wearing the best gear possible before tackling bosses.

Bit Dungeon+ - 2

Bit Dungeon+ offers very easy pick-up and play mechanics. You can attack with the Y button or hold it for a super attack. You can use your magic with the X button and view the map with A button so that you don’t get lost.

I played the game on medium difficulty and after about 30-45 minutes, the challenge went out of the window. I was so strong I could kill all enemies with 1-2 hits and without even getting hit. It won’t take very long to become quite strong, no matter what difficulty you choose.

Bit Dungeon+ - 3

Despite the simplicity of the game, there are a few added extras to spice it up a little bit. For example, there’s a secret shop you can visit to buy upgrades and potions to top up your health and mana bars, and it is only available on random floors. If you find it, be sure to grab everything you can! Another fun mechanic is how after clearing some rooms three purple orbs may appear giving you stat upgrades by +5 to attack, health and critical hit. They are free so pick one and carry on!

On top of the main game, there is another mode called Babel’s Tower which is basically the same game with a timer tacked on. In this one, you race against the clock to complete as many floors as you can. Like with the main game you have to defeat every enemy in a room to progress, to then find a red door and defeat the boss to complete the floor. Any time left over will carry over to the next floor.

Bit Dungeon+ - 4

Bit Dungeon+ is a hell of a game. I had a lot of fun playing this one on the TV and on the Wii U Gamepad for my Bit Dungeon+ review. For some reason, the graphics looked different between the TV and the Wii U GamePad. Things seemed way darker on the Wii U GamePad, but that’s about the only complain I can have about this great release.

[review pros=”Solid retro art style.

Good music.” cons=”Slight graphical differences between Wii U GamePad and TV screen.” score=80]

This review is based on a Wii U copy of Bit Dungeon+ provided by Dolores Entertainment.