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[PS Vita] Laser Disco Defenders Review

Laser Disco Defenders Review

How would you like to take a groovy trip down to the 1970’s? Back to the era that was home to disco music? Laser Disco Defenders has that groovy 1970s feel, including characters dressed in clothes of the era. The game is a twin-stick shooter, and a challenging one at that . Read more about it in our Laser Disco Defenders review!


In Laser Disco Defenders, you are playing as a member of the titular Laser Disco Defenders, a group whose sole mission is to defeat the evil Lord Monotone (he does have a terrible taste in music, you know!). There are four members of the Laser Defenders group, and you can choose who you want to control. You can choose Mr. Baker who has the highest amount of health, but who is on the slow side. Or you can choose Tommy, who is faster than Mr. Baker but has slightly less health. Or Donna the Disco Diva, who is faster than Tommy but has even less health. Finally there is also Liz who is a “roller disco champion” who moves around very fast, but who only has one hit point.

Laser Disco Defenders Review

Despite its cuteness, Laser Disco Defenders is a very hard game. You’ll be tested every step of the way, as this is a very challenging game. The game is procedurally generated, which means that every game will be different. Despite that, the randomization isn’t very obvious: later levels offer different backgrounds and different styles. The true randomization lies with the placement of the enemies in the game, so you can never truly learn where they are so that you can defend yourself.

Now where is the challenge, you ask? The lasers you shoot don’t go away, and they continue to bounce off the walls – they can hit enemies, but they can also hit you. The gateway to the next cave won’t open until all enemies are defeated, meaning you may have to fire more lasers which you then have to quickly dodge. You also have to avoid the lasers enemy fire your way, which makes this a very frantic and action packed game.


The game sets you challenges to beat, for things such as destroying seven rotating laser mines or reaching a score of a million points. Successfully completing challenges will earn you new equipment that can be used to customize your characters, and the outfits you earn can change the gameplay a little bit by giving you different abilities, like shooting smaller lasers, or getting a cross-hair to aim.

Each area is a small cavern and you can move around each level thanks to your gravity boots which are powered by speed boosters. Be careful not to zoom around so much as you have enemies to watch out for as well as the lasers you’ve fired in the level, and if you’re not careful you’ll be dead in a blink!

Laser Disco Defenders Review

Final Thoughts
The graphics are great, and I really liked the 1970’s art style! Those of you who manage to finish the main campaign will unlock an endless mode as a reward, offering you more content to enjoy. I was really tested by this game for my Laser Disco Defenders review, especially with its trophy list – which, unfortunately, does not include a Platinum trophy.

[review pros=”Awesome graphics.
Simple control scheme.
Excellent tutorial.
” cons=”(Too) High difficulty
” score=70]

This review is based on a Vita copy of Laser Disco Defenders provided by Excalibur Games.