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[Review Revisited] Journey

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Get ready for the Journey of your life. Get your scarf and be prepared to walk through the land. And most importantly, don’t stop believing. Check out our review revisited for Journey.

Journey is part of the PS+ lineup for the month, so this makes it the perfect time to revisit this seminal classic.

If you haven’t heard of Journey, then where have you been? This is the game from thatgamecompany that broke the barrier that was holding “Download-only” games back. The game won quite a few Game of the Year awards back in 2012 when it was released on PlayStation 3, and it has continued to be considered as one of the best games ever.

You play the traveler as you begin a journey to reach the top of a summit. You will pass through beautiful deserts and vistas as you make you way through the land. I don’t want to get too much into the game as I don’t want to spoil it, so if you’re a PS+ subscriber who hasn’t played it yet then I want you to go into this experience without much information as to not spoil things.


Since releasing Journey in 2012 thatgamecompany has been very quiet about their next project. However, I’m not concerned since I know it will be ready when it’s ready, and I can’t wait to hear the news! All signs point to their next game being a PlayStation 4 release, and with the PlayStation Pro being a reality, I’m sure it will look as good as they can make it while being true tot heir design vision.

Have you played Journey already? What did you think of this gem of a game? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the original review right here.


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