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[PS4] Metrico+ Review

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Metrico+ from Digital Dreams is an updated, expanded and improved version of Metrico which released previously on PS Vita a couple of years ago. It’s an interesting release that uses things such as charts, graphs, and various shapes to provide players with a digital playground to explore. Read our Metrico+ review to find out more!


Right from the start, I can confirm that the game’s graphics look a lot better on the big screen thanks to some diligent work from the team to give us the definitive version on PlayStation 4. This indie puzzle/platformer starts with letting players select between a male or a female avatar before they are sent to a huge white screen. It is here that the tutorial kicks things off by letting players know they can move with the left analog stick or the D-pad and jump with the X button. Depending on how long you press the X button, your jump will be higher and longer.

Soon after we get our first set of puzzles with platforms that rise or lower as you walk and depending on how big of a jump you make, followed by a big square that goes up when you jump, but which lowers (along with a large bar behind it) when you walk forward. This is the basis for most of the puzzles in the game, where walking, jumping and moving back and forth will rise or lower platforms and bars and running will do the same or move floating platforms to a different section. And that’s it. Or maybe not. I really can’t speak about the puzzles after the first world since I would be entering spoiler territory, and completing the puzzles is what’s fun about Metrico+.

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If you’re ever stuck on a puzzle, you can press the circle button to reset it so that you can have another go at it, as long as you’ve activated a checkpoint. There are puzzles with multiple checkpoints, so be sure to stand in front of the one you want to mark as active and press the circle button once so that you can reset things with you warping to said spot.

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There are several collectible to find in the game, and they will be obtained by manipulating the puzzles you find to trigger a specific outcome. For example, and as to not spoil the rest of them further in the game, your first collectible can be found in the game’s first proper puzzle with the bars that lower and rise depending on how you move and jump. The trigger for this one requires that you get all bars up/down so that they’re at exactly 50%. Once you do this, a sphere will show, marking the first collectible you can add to your collection (while giving you a trophy as well!)

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Trophy hunters will rejoice when they realize that Metrico+ includes a full trophy count with a Platinum trophy, as well as some extra trophy when compared to Metrico on PS Vita. Metrico had 11 trophies in total (1 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze), while Metrico+ includes 18 trophies (1 Platinum, 9 Gold, 3 Silver, and 5 Bronze).

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Did I have fun playing this game? Certainly! Writing my review for Metrico+ was a nice change of pace from the other games I’ve been reviewing lately. It’s minimalist look, and excellent soundtrack kept me focused on the puzzles at hand at all times, and made it easier to go back to previous areas to grab some of the trophies and collectibles I was missing. You can’t go wrong with Metrico+, and I hope you add this stellar game to your PlayStation 4 collection today!

[review pros=”Great visuals.
Solid puzzles.
Interesting gameplay mechanics” cons=”Nothing to complain about” score=84]


This review is based on a PS4 copy of Metrico+ provided by Digital Dreams