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[PS4] Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart Review

Nightmares from The Deep: The Cursed Heart review

Nightmares from The Deep: Cursed Heart from Artifex Mundi is a very fun and relaxing point and click puzzler that pits you in a race against time to rescue your daughter from the hands of a mad undead pirate. You are the owner of a museum and your daughter works alongside you as the curator of the museum. She takes a delivery of a perfectly preserved famous legendary pirate, when things go bad, big time! Want to learn more? Then check our Nightmares from The Deep: Cursed Heart review!


The game will start almost immediately after booting up with only a very short cutscene playing out, and then you go straight into some puzzles solving. The first set of puzzles serve as a tutorial of sorts and gives you a glimpse of what to expect with future puzzles. Once you are done the game will properly start with you interacting with the crate containing the pirate. He will come back to life….as a zombie pirate who kidnaps your daughter!

Gameplay couldn’t be any easier since you just use your DS4 to move the blue cursor to the location you want to go to and the game will automatically zoom to that location. This is a pure point and click game, and the same mechanic applies when you encounter a puzzle – simply click on it and the game will zoom in. Some puzzles may require you to do extra things before zooming in such as finding a code for a specific safe, then you might run into another short puzzle before the actual main puzzle in the area.

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Nightmares from The Deep has two difficulty settings. I recommend that you play on expert in order to minimize the number of playthroughs required for adding a shiny Platinum to your collection! That’s right, this one includes a full trophy count! You’ll need to do at least two runs, but if you don’t play in expert during your first run you’ll then need to do three full runs.

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The puzzles are quite varied, and if you are not keen on the hidden objects puzzles you can of course swap that for Mahjong games. This is a Chinese tile matching board game that, in my opinion, is much easier than the hidden object puzzles. All you do is match two tiles on the board to clear them away and rinse and repeated with all highlighted available tiles until you complete the board. You will earn a useful item you will need for other puzzles and unlock some extra puzzles as well

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Every item you put in your inventory will have a use, so I suggest picking up all items to save time on backtracking, although some puzzles will actually require some minor backtracking. You will explore a good variety of locations like the museum, the old mysterious ship, and an eerie Island. As you progress in your quest you will encounter NPCs you can talk to and you’ll also need to complete a few fetch quests for them.

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If you ever get stuck on a puzzle, there is a hint system available which you can access using the up button on the D-Pad, but you can’t abuse it as it takes quite a while to recharge. I would also advise against using the hint system, as it will prevent you from getting that shiny Platinum as tthere is a Silver trophy for completing the game without using any hints. Yes, not even one hint can be used or you’ll void the trophy!

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The game isn’t just about hidden objects. You will also brew potions, complete sliding puzzles, create a voodoo doll and using a cannon to blow a gate! There are even collectible coins hidden around and they will play an important part in the story!

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I enjoyed playing the game during my 6 hour run (that’s how long it will take you to complete the game once). The graphics are pretty good for a hidden object game, and there is full voice acting. The story unfolds as with some nice twists along the way and it kept me going until the end. After writing my Nightmares from The Deep: Cursed Heart review I can certainly recommend this to fans of hidden object games and of puzzle games alike.

[review pros=”Good variety of puzzles.
Fun story.
Great graphics.” cons=”No complaints.” score=81]


This Nightmares from The Deep: Cursed Heart review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Artifex Mundi.