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[PS4] 10 Second Ninja X Review

10 Second Ninja X Review

Welcome to the review for a challenging speedrunning platformer called 10 Second Ninja X. The game is perfect for the hardcore speed running fans since you have to beat every single level within 10 seconds. The faster you beat a level, the more gold stars you will earn. Want to learn more? Then read our 10 Second Ninja X review!


10 Second Ninja X is a great looking and vibrant 2D platformer, despite being at its core a speed running title, there is a humorous story as well. The evil Captain Greatbeard has challenged you to come aboard his massive ship and destroy his robots across a multitude of levels in just ten seconds or less. You accept the challenge and start the game by clicking on the first TV on the left bottom of the screen. The story unfolds between levels and will serve as a short break from the 10- second craziness of the game!

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The aim is to kill all the robots that appear in a level within 10 seconds using your sword for close melee kills or your shuriken for long range kills. In the process, you must avoid all the death traps that make each level even more challenging. Don’t forget that all of this must be completed within the 10 second time limit! If you exceed the limit, it is an instant game over, and you will be forced to restart the level from scratch.

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Each level you beat successfully will award you with at least one gold star, but all levels actually have three stars. Getting all three depends on how fast you are when completing a level. Obtaining two stars is doable with some practice, but the third star requires you to beat a level in two seconds or less. And this is why that last gold star will have players breaking their precious controllers in half!

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The gold stars you accumulate are used to unlock levels in other parts of Captain Greatbeard’s ship. This is why it is of utmost importance that you achieve the full three stars in every single level. As you can imagine, the last set of levels is going to require a big effort on your end!

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After a set of levels, you will encounter switches that will alter the landscape of the map, making it harder to complete within 10 seconds. As well as normal levels there are some bonus levels too, taking the total tally to around 100 levels! Luckily there is a hint system in place – you can get a hint token and see how a ghost ninja takes the fastest path. You can earn hint tokens by playing mini-games outside of the campaign levels, so be sure to get as many as you can!

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The game is fast and furious and full of traps, so a lot of practice and trial and error is required. It looks great and features very fun music. The game is brutal, but in a good way, and it will keep you busy for hours as you try to complete every level and aim at getting all trophies. I had a blast playing this one for my 10 Second Ninja X review, and I’ll keep on practicing to get even better!

pros=”Great graphics.
Fun and easy to understand gameplay.” cons=”Might be too difficult for some.” score=82]

This 10 Second Ninja X review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Curve Digital.