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[PS4] The Final Station Review

The Final Station Review

The Final Station is a new survival adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. Are you ready to transport people on your train to a safe destination while also caring for their well-being? Then come read our The Final Station review to learn more!


You take on the role of a train conductor. At first, things start easy since you’re only moving around your train… until you arrive at a destination where you’re commissioned by the military to transport classified goods to a faraway destination. You will make stops at local stations during your journey, collect passengers and scavenge for materials and supplies for the trip.

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Since the train is a prototype, you’re required to keep an eye on its components to make sure they’re all working properly. All it takes is for you to push a couple of buttons to get things stabilized, but it does add something to do during transit. On top of that, you must also keep your passengers fed and watered, or else they will start to receive damage and die! Some of them might even be bleeding, and this will require you to use a med kit on them to keep them alive long enough for you to reach your destination.

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As you can imagine, things couldn’t remain like this during the whole game, and you’ll start to run into stations that have been overcome by shadowy creatures that are extremely violent and out for blood. At each station you’ll spend a good deal of time exploring each location, talking to NPCs, looking for food, supplies, and materials, and a four-digit code to unlock your train so that it can travel to the next station.

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As you explore the buildings you run into you’ll notice that the whole location is blacked out until you open the door, which reveals the content for the specific room you’ve entered. It is in these sections that your survival instincts kick into overdrive. Will the next room be full of supplies, money, food or a med kit? Or will it be packed with infected out to get you?

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You gain access to firearms during your journey, but as you can imagine ammo is very limited and should be used only in emergencies. You do have a melee attack at your disposal that can get you out of a jam as long as the infected don’t surround you, but avoiding confrontations is the more sensible way to go. Unfortunately, you don’t always have this option.

The story for The Final Station will be told through notes and chat conversations you’ll find at each station, and your passengers will also talk a lot, giving you a glimpse into the life in this new post-apocalyptic age.

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The game is around four to five hours long, so it’s a short adventure with only ten trophies in total, all of which are of the Silver variety. Unfortunately, about four of them are missable so if you want to 100% the game in one go, be sure to do some research of your own before embarking on your quest!

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I liked The Final Station’s pixelated graphics and its gameplay mechanics. The story is drip-fed here and there during your travels, and it’s a bleak one. Did I have fun writing my The Final Station review? Certainly! That’s why I can definitely recommend that you give this one a go on your PlayStation 4 if you’re looking for a new survival game.

pros=”Interesting concept.
Good graphics.” cons=”Might prove a bit too hard for some.” score=80]

This The Final Station review is based on a PS4 copy provided by tinyBuild.