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[Beyond PlayStation] Collateral Thinking Review

  • On September 30, 2016

Collateral Thinking Review

Collateral Thinking from Astrosaurus Games is an 8-bit retro style puzzle/platformer. It’s very colorful and vibrant, giving us a charming release. How does Collateral Thinking play on the Wii U? Is it a game you should have in your digital collection? Read our Collateral Thinking review to find out!


Collateral Thinking is about a happy go lucky construction company, who are more than ready to take on all work regardless of the size of the project, the crazy deadlines or how bad the pay is. Spearmint Bear wants to build the greatest tower to show off its greatness. Who is the construction company who builds that ‘great’ tower? Yep you guessed it: Collateral Thinking!

Not only that but they also agree to start right away and right on top of a graveyard! That isn’t such a great idea, but it is what Spearmint wants, and who are we to argue with greatness? As Collateral Thinking begins to work at the construction site Spearmint Bear finds himself abducted by aliens and it is up to the construction company to rescue him by climbing all 100 floors.

Collateral Thinking Review - 1

I know what you are thinking: this is just a simple climbing game, right? What could possibly be so difficult about that? Well, the answer is it is far more challenging than you think. Each floor requires you to complete it in just 30 seconds or less, killing enemies and collecting blueprints along the way. Each floor has objectives you have to meet, and the three main ones are Avoid, Bust, and Collect. The Avoid objective is for surviving without any deaths. Bust is defeating all the ghosts on a floor. Collect is for finding the blueprints on a floor. Once you complete a block of floors, you will come face to face with a boss. The boss stages are a bit more relaxing since there are no timers, so you are free to take your time and plan your moves wisely.

You have a wrench as your weapon, and you can either do close-up melee attacks or hold down the Y button to charge the wrench for long range attacks to eliminate your enemies. The enemies are not at all difficult to kill, but the timer can make or break your game, so you need to plan your moves wisely. It is better to fail once so that you can get a good clear overview of the floor you are on so that you can complete your objectives and reach your destination in a timely fashion.

Collateral Thinking Review - 2

Collateral Thinking is a cute and challenging platformer with simple mechanics. It is ideal for short bursts of play as 100 floors at 30 seconds each is not very long. This only costs $3, so there’s enough bang for your buck in this one. I enjoyed my time with the game for my Collateral Thinking review and I definitely think this one is worth a look!

pros=”Solid graphics.
Hectic action.
Relaxing boss stages.” cons=”Can be a little repetitive.” score=82]

This Collateral Thinking review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Astrosaurus Games.