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[Beyond PlayStation] Buddy and Me: Dream Edition Review


Buddy and Me: Dream Edition Review

Sunbreak Games took Buddy and Me to Kickstarter back in 2013 and successfully hit their $40,000 funding goal. The game was originally for IOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. But thanks to the outcry by the backers for a Wii U port, Sunbreak Games launched Buddy and Me: Dream Edition, which also includes eight unlockable clothing items, seasonal changes and a gallery of concept art which can be earned by collecting enough stars in the game. Also new in the Dream Edition is the choice of playing as a girl. Want to see if this is a game you should add to your Wii U collection? Then come check out our Buddy and Me: Dream Edition review!


Sunbreak Games wanted to create a game that was easy to pick up and play and accessible to very young children, as they believed there are too few fun games for young kids- I think the team pulled that off very well, as the art style and graphics are adorable and will certainly appeal to very young children. On top of that, the gameplay is very simple and forgiving.

Buddy and Me: Dream Edition Review - 1

Buddy and Me: Dream Edition is an endless runner, so all you do is press A to jump, press A twice for a double jump, and press A again to glide over long gaps. There are no penalties for miss-timed jumps, because if you do miss a jump and fall, you’ll be rescued and placed back on solid ground.

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Most runners have you running alone, but in this one you are joined by Buddy. In certain sections of the game, you can even ride buddy and collect extra stars. There are power-ups in your path such as blue stars that give you a speed boost and green stars that will give you an extra 10 seconds on the clock. The yellow stars will give you an x2 multiplier so that you can grab more stars. There is also one upgrade to unlock which gives you boosts to help you with gameplay. With the stars you collect you can unlock other seasons, as well as some extra outfits for the boy and girl to wear as they run in their dreams.

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Buddy and Me: Dream Edition is a fun release. It’s hard not to fall in love with the big flying yellow creature called Buddy. Little kids will certainly have a blast with the game. I enjoyed my time with the game to write my Buddy and Me: Dream Edition review, but I do feel that more could have been done with the game to give it some extra platforming elements to expand on the main idea. Overall a solid game from Sunbreak Games – I look forward to seeing what they do with their next game.

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pros=”Graphics are wonderful.
Easy to pick up and play.
Perfect for young children.” cons=”After unlocking everything, there is no incentive to come back for more.” score=60]

This Buddy and Me: Dream Edition review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Sunbreak Games