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Viking Squad Out Tomorrow On PlayStation 4

Viking Squad - 3

Slick Entertainment is set to released Viking Squad tomorrow on PlayStation 4. As you can see from its launch trailer below, this is an action-packed release in the beloved beat ’em up genre, one that is very dear to us here at


Viking Squad - 1

As a member of Viking Squad, you must put a stop to the wildly mischievous Loki and reopen the gates to Asgard. Work together to take on massive foes and expand your arsenal in this three player co-op brawler.

Choose between four different characters, each specializing in a different weapon and playstyle. Take on enemies from afar as the archer, go on the defensive with the shield, get up in your enemies’ faces as the dual axe berserker, or beat them to a pulp as the hammer maiden. Each weapon gives characters access to special attacks that can be used to mix up their combos and assist allies — experiment with them all to see which suits your tastes.

Viking Squad - 2

You can take on the game either on your own or with a full there player group in co-op, and the game will scale accordingly depending on the number of players on deck. We’re trying to see if we can bring you a review for Viking Squad, so be sure to stick around at!