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[Beyond PlayStation] 360 Breakout Review


360 Breakout Review

Mmm, 360 Breakout. I remember playing something quite similar to this many years ago. Probably on the Atari 2600 with very similar gameplay mechanics. Upon booting the game for the first time, you will definitely notice why! Check our 360 Breakout review to find out more about this Wii U game!


360 Breakout - 1

This is a classic brick breaking game, so if you have spent your childhood playing games such as Arkanoid, or more recent games like Shatter, then you’ll be familiar with the main concept. However, 360 Breakout is not like a typical traditional brick breaking game, being more difficult and a bit annoying.

Upon starting the first level, you will encounter a level full of brightly colored bricks and a paddle on the bottom of the screen. The ball ejects from the paddle automatically and starts destroying the bricks. You can move the paddle with the left stick or the left and right buttons on the d-pad. Oh, and the paddle can move in a circular fashion – hence the title 360 Breakout.

360 Breakout - 3

There are only 20 levels to complete in the game and no checkpoints. You start with three lives, and once you hit a certain score milestone, you get an extra life. What makes this game even more challenging is that you’re on a tight time limit. There are several power-ups to help you, such as multiball, fireball and more. If you lose all your lives, you’re back to square one – the game expects you to complete it in one go.

The game controls are not that great. Using the Wii U Gamepad thumb sticks makes the paddle movements inverted, which is awful. The D-Pad works better, but only if you use the left and right buttons, since the up and down buttons are also inverted.

360 Breakout - 2

The game supports Off-TV Play which is a plus but, for some reason, the game looks much darker there than it does on the big screen. So if you are interested in giving the game a try, I wouldn’t recommend Off-TV play since the graphics look much more vibrant and colorful on the big screen.

360 Breakout - 4

All in all, this is an OK game. It can get frustrating quite fast since there is no saving or checkpoints. There’s still some fun to be had, but the challenge will probably make many people quit during the middle of their run. If you like games like this one, and if after reading this 360 Breakout review you feel you’re up for the challenge, then let me know in the comments below if you managed to finish it!

pros=”Good music.
Off-TV Play.” cons=”Awkward controls.
Might be frustrating for some.” score=60]

This 360 Breakout review is based on a Wii U copy provided by nuGame.