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[PS4] Zenith Review

Zenith Review

Zenith from Infinigon Games and BadLand Games is a top-down isometric dungeon crawler with some very humorous dialogue and a puzzle here and there. Should you dedicate some of your precious time to playing this game? Read our Zenith review to find out!


You play as a mage named Argus who makes and sells potions for a living. He wants to build himself an ice palace to escape society, but gets caught up in a quest to hide a magical scepter from the forces of evil. Argus sets on on a journey that is far from smooth, and things go bad very quickly, so be prepared for a wild ride! After the first 40 minutes or so in the game, things start to come together and the dialogue gets funnier and funnier, with references to games, movies, and pop culture swinging in from left and right. Oh, and don’t be surprised by the colorful language!

Zenith Review - 1

Gameplay is easy to understand. You start your battle with nothing more than your fists and then get access to swords, from where you can start the button mashing party. You can find gems that can give you spells such as fire and ice for long range attacks, as well as scrolls too. Mana and healing potions are in plenty of supply, but they are unfortunately on timers, and I feel they take too long to recharge between each use.

Enemies and huge hulking bosses take huge chunks off your life meter away, which is why dodging is something you need to learn and use as much as possible. There is no lock-on function for the spells, so wasting magic is very easy to do, so be sure to aim where you want a spell to hit! Luckily your mana replenishes itself over time.

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You have a skill tree where you can assign points to become more powerful, and you can find a ton of loot wherever you go, so it is pretty easy to find better weapons and armor. Be sure to look everywhere so that you’re always carrying around the best options so that you can have the most powerful attacks and can withstand more hits.

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Story-wise the game offers roughly around 20 hours of gameplay which is great, which is why I am rather surprised at the lack of a Platinum trophy! At least it is fairly easy to 100% since nothing is missable – kill X number of enemies, destroy X number of barrels and several story-related trophies.

Zenith Review - 5

As for the graphics department, I do like the look of the game but feel that some extra work here and there could have made it look even better. There will also be a few instances when the framerate will stutter a bit, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

As for the game’s save points they are few and far between, so if you die before the next save point you could find yourself replaying large sections of a game, which is never fun! The loading times are also a bi on the slow side of things, which might get on your nerves.

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I had fun playing the game for my Zenith review. It’s a very humorous button mashing game where you can just relax and have some mindless fun without worrying too much about things. I can definitely see where they could have improved the game, so hopefully a patch is coming for all of you!

pros=”Funny dialogue.
Good campaign length.” cons=”Slow loading times.
Some cheap deaths.” score=80]

This Zenith review is based on a PS4 copy provided by BadLand Games