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Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni- Out Today On PS Vita

Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni-

Are you a fan of the Senran Kagura series? Do you want a new action game for your PlayStation Vita? The you should definitely check out Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni- which is out today on PlayStation Vita! This new game comes form the creator of the Senran Kagura franchise, so you’ll surely notice some similarities here and there.

Check out the game’s trailer below and click after the break to learn more about what you can expect from Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni- on Sony’s portable.

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Ultra-fast hack and slash action with a focus on stylish aerial combos
Large imaginative bosses to battle
Take your favourite girls into the dressing room and rub and touch to raise their levels
Choose between 7 playable characters to master
The girls’ clothing will rip and tear as you take damage
24 Story Missions to tackle – replay them with different characters too
Battle it out in arena based online multiplayer – up to 4 players

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The game’s standard edition is available for you to purchase at Amazon, but there’s also a very limited edition up for grabs as a Rice Digital exclusive, which you can purchase right here. It is called the Liberator’s Edition, and it includes everything you can see in the image below.

Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni- Liberator's Edition