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Battleborn Update - New Story Mission and PVP Mode Now On PS4


Battleborn has released a huge update that, along with some balancing here and there, also launches its first Story DLC! We have the trailer for you below so that you can see what you can expect from this big release.

If you want to learn more about the story DLC, check the official post from the team right here.

But wait, there’s more! The update also includes a free Multiplayer Mode called Face-Off! Kit Lukianov from 2K had this to say about it:


Fight against the enemy team and the invading Varelsi forces in this intense, multi-phase mode.

Hack, slash, blast, and crush your way through Varelsi and pick up the masks they drop. Deposit the masks for points. The first team to 500 wins. Of course killing Varelsi makes them mad. Prepare for the Varelsi to get tougher and boss battles as they attempt to throw a wrench in your plans.

Battleborn - 2

So, to sum things up: the Battleborn update includes both free DLC for all to enjoy, as well as Premium DLC up for purchase. Find the list for which is which below, as well as a look at some new marketplace content!

Free DLC
-Two more heroes, bringing the total to 30
-Kid Ultra
-Battleborn #30
-Another new PVP mode

Premium DLC
-Early Access to Kid Ultra & Battleborn #30 Early Access, each with a hero key
-DLC 2 Story Operation “Toby’s Friendship Raid”
-DLC 3 — 5 Story Operations
-Each DLC Story Operation release includes new, unlockable skins, taunts, and titles

Marketplace Content
-More skins and taunts
-Consumable XP Boosters