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[Beyond PlayStation] The Legend of Kusakari Review


The Legend of Kusakari Review

In The Legend of Kusakari, you control a young but brave grass cutter who goes out and cuts grass in the middle of heated battlefields. Remember how in The Legend of Zelda games you’re cutting grass every now and then to find items? Well, imagine a game where all you do is cut grass so that the warriors have an easier location on which to fight. Read our The Legend of Kusakari review to learn more about this quirky game!


I will admit that the game was not quite what I had expected, the title suggested an RPG kind of game. It was an interesting surprise to discover that my sole battles are against blades of grass! So, the big question is: how fun is the grass cutting game and how well does it play on the 3DS?

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You work hard as Shiba Kari who only has one mission, and that is to cut grass as fast as possible without getting hurt. As Shiba cuts grass his stamina (hearts) will slowly deplete, which is why speed is of the utmost importance. Running into enemies will lose him chunks of his life, if not instantly killing him if he is already quite low on health! But that is not a problem as there is some blue grass scattered in every level that will restore one of your hearts, and the larger blue grass will completely restore all your hearts. Pretty cool, huh? But be sure to use them only when you really need it as your health depletes naturally over time!

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There are 50 levels to complete in the game, and each level has a different layout for you to work on. Some are bigger than others, but all are packed full of grass for you to cut. After completing each level successfully, you will see how long it took you to do it along with a rank.

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The controls are very simple to understand. You move with the circle pad, and the B button lets you swing the scythe to cut grass. You can use the L or R shoulder buttons to sprint, and if you want to do more powerful cutting, then the A button is available for that! This button lets you spin cut grass so that you can cut more grass down in one swing of your scythe.

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There are two types of main grass to cut. There is the normal green grass that only takes one swing to cut down. And then there’s the grass that is a darker shade of green which require multiple hits. As you progress through the levels you will find even darker shades that require more hits to cut down, so your strategy will need to change as you go!

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The game is a short one and can be completed in around 3-4 hours depending on your grass cutting skills. I liked the cute and vibrant graphics and I think the game could be expanded even further by maybe include additional modes in a sequel. There is, however, one extra mode which is Endless mode where you can cut grass to your heart’s content and aim for the highest score possible. Did I have fun writing my The Legend of Kusakari review? Certainly! This is a perfect arcade-style game for you to play between other larger games, and I can’t wait to see what the studio gives us next!

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pros=”Interesting concept.
Fun gameplay.” cons=”Might feel a bit tedious.” score=80]

This The Legend of Kusakari Review is based on a 3DS copy of the game provided by Nnooo.