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[PS4] Blue Rider Review

Blue Rider Review

Blue Rider is a gorgeous 3D twin-stick shoot ’em up from indie Argentinian team Ravagan. The action is non-stop, and the graphics will keep you mesmerized from start to finish. How good is the gameplay? What are the mechanics like? Is it easy or hard? Come check our Blue Rider review to find out!


The premise is simple. You work around the map clearing out enemies that shoot at you until you find the boss for the level. While you make your way to the boss, you can technically choose to avoid all the enemies and just go straight to him, but that is not wise – and it is pretty boring. What good is a game if you can’t have a little fun shooting and exploring? Not only that but ignoring everything in your path will only lead to your quick destruction. So make good use of your little blue ship and shoot anything and everything in your path, as doing so will make your battle with the boss a little easier.

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Gameplay is quite challenging. Your ship will slide a bit here and there which can make accurate shots difficult, so to compensate for that you should be on the move at all times when enemies are nearby. Another interesting aspect which may appeal to older gamers who were around back in the day is that weapon and health upgrades are quite sparse, which makes gameplay all the more challenging.

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As with most standard twin-stick shooters, you have primary and secondary weapons that are assigned to the L2 and L1 trigger buttons. I would advise saving your secondary weapon for the boss battles, because once you’ve used it up, finding a way to replenish it can be is difficult. So, when possible, just use your main weapon. The boss battles are really tough considering how short your health meter is, and they can kill you in around three or so! Good planning will save your life, unless you want to do the whole level again from scratch.

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The graphics might make this seem like an easy game at first, but that is certainly not the case! You should never judge a book by its cover. There is no randomization in the game, so learning the attack patterns of your enemies and the bosses will be easier as you keep playing. Blue Rider is a short and intense twin-stick shooter with bright and colorful graphics that will keep you busy as you try to improve your skills. I surely became a better player after I was done with my Blue Rider review, and so can you!

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pros=”Great graphics.
Easy to play mechanics.
Highly entertaining” cons=”Shooting is a bit inaccurate when stationary.” score=87]

This Blue Rider review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Ravagan.