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[PS4] Castles Review

Castles Review

Castles from developer Whoot Games and publisher BADLAND GAMES is a very fun and clever match-three game with an interesting twist. Want to learn what we thought of the game? Then come read our Castles review!


This game tells the story of King Harold, who wants you to build for him the highest tower that ever existed. This is done by enjoying what at first seems a very relaxing match-three puzzle game, but things get a bit crazy along the way. The higher you go, the more of a challenge you’ll face, not to mention that King Edmund, King Harold’s sworn nemesis, will stop at nothing to keep you from achieving your goal.

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The match-three gameplay is different from other games in the genre, because you’re not controlling the pieces themselves, as is usually the case. Instead, you control an engineer who must move the blocks around each lane and column in order to match three pieces either of the same color or of the same tool.

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You’ll start things with just a few colors of pieces, each made of a different material. For example, green pieces are made of grass, while red pieces are made of bricks. But as you progress in the game more and more types of pieces will start to drop, making it harder to match the ones you need to match in order to build the tower up a level.

Matching three pieces is all you need to complete the “challenges” that require you to, say, match a ladder group and a brick group, but you can do more than that. Matching four or five pieces at a time will grant you a powerful item that can make a huge difference during your quest. For example, you might grab a hammer that will instantly destroy the two blocks in front of you once activated, giving you some breathing room to set up a combo or two.

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Every so often you’ll run into bosses who are up to no good, and you’ll have to defend against their attacks and defeat them with the power of puzzle solving. And on top of bosses, weather conditions will start to affect your work. You’ll run into snow, fog, wind and storms, but even in the worst scenario you must always prevail and continue to build sky-high.

Story mode includes 50 levels in total that will have randomized content to always keep you guessing what is coming next, which means that every run you do will be different from the last. This greatly increases the game’s replay value, since you can end up playing for hours at a time non-stop in story mode before you tackle the other two modes in the game.

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Along with its Story Mode, Castles also features Survival and Competitive modes. Survival is pretty much endless mode, where you can play for as long as you can survive thanks to your skills. Competitive, as its name states, will pit you against another player to see once and for all who the better builder really is.

And trophy hunters will be happy when they learn that Castles features a full trophy count with a Platinum! There’s a good variety of trophies in this game, and if you use your items many times and do really good in the Survival mode you’ll be halfway there.

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I had a lot of fun with Castles. The gameplay is simple and to the point, as to not get in the way of the frantic action. I hope you liked my Castles review and that it helped you see if this is they type of game you’d enjoy playing on PlayStation 4.

pros=”Easy to learn.
Very fun experience.” cons=”No complaints” score=86]

This Castles review is based on a PS4 copy provided by BADLAND GAMES.