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[Beyond PlayStation] Quest of Dungeons Review


Quest of Dungeons Review

Quest of Dungeons is a mild roguelike with four difficulty settings, which makes it accessible to people of all skill levels. But as accessible as the game may be, it is not for everyone. Once you die it is permanent and you will lose everything and have to start again from scratch. Want to learn more? Then come read our Quest of Dungeons review!


Before you start playing, you are asked to choose a character to play as. The Warrior is a swordsman that specializes in up-close melee combat. The Wizard is a magic user which means he’s perfect for ranged attacks. The Assassin is great if you prefer a combination of ranged and melee combat. Finally, you have the Druid who makes good use of magic and melee attacks. There is a character for everybody, so be sure to give each one a try to find the one for you! Each character also has a special ability that often has a cooldown period or uses mana, so keep that in mind if you’re in a bad situation!

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Each dungeon’s layout is a grid, much like you would see in a standard turn-based game. But unlike those games, here turns are in real time. So as you move, everything moves. Each floor has a shop where you can purchase better weapons, upgrades, and armor. You can also purchase health and mana potions as well as food to keep your health meter in good condition. There is the option of selling your loot as well, so it is worth searching everywhere because even potions are extortionately expensive.

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On each floor, there are treasure chests for you. Some can be opened without issue, while others require a specific key. Some of said keys can be bought at the shop and others you will need to search every nook and cranny for. Some doors even require keys – and a bit of them need two keys! You may have to do some backtracking between floors to 100% each floor, so be ready for that.

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As you adventure, you can level up from the experience gained as you defeat enemies. There is an orange bar at the top of the screen, and when it fills up you gain a level. As mentioned before, if you die you lose absolutely everything you had and are taken back to the main menu. Once there, your only option is to start a new game, then rinse and repeat as many times as you see fit. The ganme is not unbeatable, and there’s technically and end to your adventure, but you need to be one step ahead all the time and be very much on the ball.

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The 16-Bit pixel art graphics of Quest of Dungeons are really nice and makes the game shine on the Wii U. You have choice of playing the game on the big screen or use Off-TV play. I found that it looks better on the big screen as it had a slightly darker hue on the Wii U Gamepad, but this was not a huge issue. It was very fun to do this Quest of Dungeons review, and I can’t wait to see what the dev does for its next game!

pros=”Great 16-Bit pixel art
Hours of entertainment.
Fun and challenging bosses.” cons=”Permadeath might scare some people away.” score=86]

This Quest of Dungeons review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Upfall Studios.