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[Review Revisited] The Quiet Collection

The Quiet Collection

The Quiet Collection is a cute package of 4 different 8-bit-esque games featuring a teenage girl and her family. Basically, the nameless teenager only wants some peace, so your campaign through the different episodes will be to appease every member of the family by giving them required items in order to be able to relax! Each game features a different period of the year (Christmas, summer vacations, Halloween) and the tone of those games is very light-hearted and each game gets cuter as you progress!


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I liked the setting and the gameplay since the games were very easy to pick up and play. If you’re a trophy hunter, you should be pleased too because all trophies in this game can be achieved in around 3 hours total! Since the game is very affordable (should be around $5 or so), do not hesitate to give it a try it right now!

Finally, this whole package weights around 100 MB when downloaded to your PS Vita memory card, so it won’t be hard to find some place on your overloaded Vita memory card to fit this short and sweet collection!

The Quiet Collection