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[Beyond PlayStation] Mortar Melon Review


Mortar Melon Review

Nitrolic Games have released puzzle game Mortar Melon on Wii U for all of you to enjoy. The game is exactly what the title suggests: a watermelon shooting puzzle game. What are the controls like? Is it worth the time and money? Read our Mortar Melon review to find out!


Mortar Melon is a 2D physics-based puzzle game. The aim is to line up your watermelon shots with the basket and shoot the watermelon there. It sounds quite simple, but it is not. You see, you have to shoot through maze-like levels, and as you shoot the watermelons, you will collect fruit as well. If the watermelon misses the basket, you will have to try again – you only get one try.

Mortar Melon Review - 1

To obtain all three stars in a level you must collect all the fruits in a single go, and that is not an easy task. You would think the watermelon would smash when hitting walls and such, but it actually bounces along until it lands in or misses the basket. There are also many hazards to avoid which will destroy your melon in a single hit, such as the deadly spinning blades you’ll find.

Mortar Melon Review - 2

To make the game a little easier you have white trajectory lines to help you line up shots. This will help you choose how much power you give to each shoot as well with the hope of getting it through some of the game’s tough mazes. Unfortunately, at least for me, the controls felt a bit weird. The D-Pad work far better because the thumb stick controls are so bad that adjusting the trajectory is near impossible. You can also use the touch screen with the stylus, but it didn’t feel comfortable for me.

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Aside from the main campaign, there is also an extra mode called Challenge mode. In this mode you play the levels in one sitting and gain a cumulative score depending on how you did. Think of it as a marathon mode to test your skills and see if you’ve properly learned the layout of each level in the set.

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I did like the game’s graphics which are very bright, with vibrant colors that help to make the game look great. The puzzle designs are quite good as well and are very fun to figure out. After writing my Mortar Melon review, I was left with mixed feelings. Your mileage with the game might vary, and the controls might not get in the way.

pros=”Polished hand-drawn graphics.
Good variety of layouts.” cons=”Controls aren’t great. Some minor lag and framerate issues.” score=74]

This Mortar Melon review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Nitrolic Games