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[PS4] Strike Vector EX Review

Strike Vector EX Review

Strike Vector EX is a modern 3D arcade shoot ’em up with high-speed frantic gameplay mechanics. It has gorgeous graphics fit for the current generation of consoles and a fun game to go along with this. Come read our Strike Vector Ex review to learn more!


You play as a young rookie vector pilot called Marv in a time of political unrest. Factions are fighting each other as well as the pirates and rebels! Upon booting the game for the first time, you will be put through your training paces before you can begin with the campaign itself. During this tutorial section, you learn how to maneuver, use your vector weapons, hide and so on. I was very impressed with the tutorial as it was very easy to pick up and follow. It really does go a long way to help prepare you for your actual gameplay!

Your mission is simple: shoot down all of your enemies. There are several modes to play. You have the meaty single player Campaign mode where you will probably spend a lot of your time at first as you learn the game. There is also a Multiplayer mode as well several options for playing with your friends. You also have access to a solo Skirmish mode for some added fun, and you will unlock them one by one after completing a level – the aim is to defend a location while you fight off enemies.

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You can choose to play Strike Vector EX in either first or third person perspectives, which is wonderful news for players who hate first person games due to motion sickness, so this will please a lot of fans. I applaud the devs for including a choice to make the game accessible to a wider audience.

You have complete freedom of maneuverability during gameplay as you will be able to hover, strafe, and chase your enemies. You can even turn upside down, Top Gun style! With a little practice, you can even do some cool tricks to avoid enemy fire. The control setup can take a bit of getting used to. The right stick is for movement, and your left stick is for looking around. The LI and R1 buttons are used for vertical thrusts and, most importantly, L2 boosts your speed.

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Strike Vector EX is quite good as it doesn’t throw you into the deep end straight away – you start at a slow and steady pace. As you improve your gameplay, the difficulty will ramp up through natural progression. Strike Vector EX is a perfect game for those who would like to get into shoot ’em ups for the first time.

As for the game’s weapons, you will love them since there is a great variety and they are also pretty incredible! You have swarm rockets, sniper guns, gatling guns, mines, bombs, missiles and more! You can customize your ship with your favorite weaponry. And during gameplay, you can heal with nanobots, or you can find healing items scattered around the levels so that you can keep up the good fight until the end.

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As for the Multiplayer part of the equation, you can play traditional modes like Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, and Demolition – in this last one you need to destroy the generators to rack up score points. The Multiplayer modes have a ton of replayability.

I really liked my time with the game. Playing this one for my Strike Vector EX review was a blast (no pun intended!) and I’ll certainly keep coming back to the Campaign and Multiplayer modes so that I can continue to unlock more trophies for my profile!

pros=”Great customization options.
Excellent graphics.
Lots of content.” cons=”Controls can feel a bit overwhelming to some.” score=86]

This Strike Vector EX review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Ragequit Corp.