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[Beyond PlayStation] Rorrim Review


Rorrim Review

Just from its name, it’s hard to tell what type of game Rorrim is. What genre was I about to dive into? Does it play well? Is there an Off-TV option for this Wii U release? Is it a fun game? Come read our Rorrim review to find out!


Rorrim is a top-down dungeon crawling puzzle game, with the strong emphasis on the puzzle aspects. The story is about Princess Rorrim who is trapped in a mirrored world. If you check the title closely, you can see that Rorrim is mirror spelled backwards. Clever, right? The ultimate goal of the princess is to escape from this world by traversing each of the dungeon-like maps. This game does not include any Off-TV play because both the TV and the Wii U GamePad are needed for gameplay. Each screens ‘mirrors’ the other, with one being the real area and the other being its reflection.

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Gameplay is split into two modes. Mode A requires that you unlock gates to progress. Mode B requires that you avoid guardians. This makes it so that this game is definitely not for everyone since you’ll need to control the princess and her reflection so that both can eventually reach the green plate of the map which acts as its exit. When you move the princess her reflection will also move, so you have to be extra careful with every move you make so that she is not harmed.

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In Mode A, you will be required to find a key to unlock gates, and there are plenty of hazards to avoid. You’ll also run into guardians that will copy your moves! While in Mode B, there is someone who will abduct the princess if you remain idle for too long. This makes it so that you don’t remain in place overthinking your next action.

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The game offers no tutorials, but I don’t think they are needed as the gameplay mechanics are easy to understand. Its pixel art is great, and it really caught my attention from the start. I do wish the game did more with its premise, but what is available is good for its asking price of $5.

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Rorrim is an interesting game on Wii U. The puzzles are fun for the most part, but it will probably end up being a bit too difficult for some players. I enjoyed my time with the game for my Rorrim review, and I look forward to seeing if the developer revisits this concept and improves upon the formula.

pros=”Great Voice acting.
Excellent music.
Lots of depth.” cons=”Will probably be too difficult for some players.” score=73]

This Rorrim review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Nitrolic Games.