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[Beyond PlayStation] Plenty of Fishies Review


Plenty of Fishies Review

In Plenty of Fishies, from Nitrolic Games, the premise is simple: you play as a little orange and white fish that looks a lot like Nemo from Finding Nemo, and you eat a lot of small fish to grow and grow. As you grow, you can then eat bigger fish. The more you eat, the more points you earn. Can you grow big enough to eat the shark that lurks in the seas? Come read our Plenty of Fishies review to find out!


Upon booting for the first time, you will see a dynamic menu with an underwater theme, offering you three modes to play, along with a multiplayer mode as well. Leaderboards are available so that you can post your high scores and compete with your friends for a place in the top spots.

Plenty of Fishies Review - 2

In single player, you can choose to play Adventure Mode. This one is objective based, so you eat until you are big enough to eat a specific fish. You get a set number of lives to begin with and you must avoid any fish that is bigger than you. You can use the left analog stick or the D-Pad to control your fish and move up and down the level eating schools of fish smaller than you. Keep going until you are big enough to eat your objective fish, and then move on to your next objective fish – rinse and repeat until you can see if you can eat a shark.

Plenty of Fishies Review - 1

The next mode is called Flippy Fish, which, as you can imagine, is a Flappy Bird clone. This is an underwater version, and it is just as frustrating and annoying as Flappy Bird was. The ultimate goal of the mode is to avoid the fish hooks from above and the electric fish from below to see how long you can survive. Apart from the fact, it is based underwater the mechanics and the concept are the same as Flappy Bird.

The last single player mode is called Egg Survivor. The premise is you have six eggs following you (Yoshi’s Island anyone?), and you have to avoid schools of fish that are trying to snatch your eggs. Along with this, you’ll aim for a score as high. It is a challenging mode that will test your skills.

All three modes described above are also available in multiplayer, so if you have friends to play with you can compete against each other and see who really is the best.

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Overall, the graphics are cute and vibrant, and the controls work great, but I did run into a particular bug: Sometimes the fish can get stuck in a corner in Adventure Mode and the only way to fix it is by rebooting your game. Pausing does not fix the issue. If you’re looking for an arcade-style game, and what you’ve read from my Plenty of Fishies review sounds fun to you, then you should give this one a go on Wii U.

pros=”Good graphics.
Can play with friends in multiplayer.
Three game modes.” cons=”Some minor bugs.” score=80]

This Plenty of Fishies review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Nitrolic Games.