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[PS4] Seraph Review

Seraph Review

Seraph is a fun and stylish platformer where aiming is automatic. This does not mean that the game does not present a good challenge since enemies are fast and furious… and coming your way in huge numbers. Are you ready to wall climb, blink from one place to another, jump and shoot your way to success? Then come read our Seraph review to learn more about this clever game!


You play as an angel fighting her way through a prison called the Corangelus. Unfortunately for you, the place is absolutely crawling with demons. This is where your skill based acrobatics will come into play, as you will need to constantly move and shoot your way out of sticky situations.

Seraph has a menu with a lot of options to tailor your game to suit your playing style – and it also offers a Twitch mode! With this mode, if you have a Twitch account you can authorize the game to post gameplay videos directly to Twitch. This option is perfect for avid Twitch streamers.

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Once you boot up, you will start out with a tutorial level which does a great job of explaining to you the gameplay mechanics. Following the tutorial is very easy, and you will master the mechanics in no time. The control scheme works flawlessly and is very easy to get the hang of, which I liked a lot. The tutorial lasts around 10 minutes, and then you can dive into the real thing!

The enemies come in different varieties and degrees of difficulty. The small, and simple looking demons take two or three hits to kill, while the bigger ones take many extra hits plus the use of miracles to take out. The boss encounters are even more difficult!


You will come across treasure chests that have a yellowy tint to them, and these will replenish a tiny part of your life meter. Note the locations of these chests in case you need them since they can save your life! There are plenty of chests throughout the levels you and will have plenty of opportunities to explore before exiting and moving on to the next level, so be sure to recover as needed.

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Once you reach level two, and if you have enough shards – which you should by then – you can upgrade some oaths. Unfortunately you can only do that by quitting the game and accessing the upgrades tab from the main menu, which is a bit puzzling. Why not make the upgrades a little more accessible, say in the pause menu?

Anyway, you can also craft stuff from the enemy drops you collect in the Transmutation section. I used it mainly to craft better weapons, but you can craft many other things too – but weapons will probably be your main priority. You can find new weapons throughout the levels, but going from my personal experience, they have been few and far between, so crafting will become your friend as enemies get really tough as you progress.

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A couple of extra modes are available for the game, and more content is always welcome. Why not take a stab at the Dailyc Challenges section? Each day you will be presented with a challenge to complete. Depending on your perforamcen you’ll be ranked in a specific group and earn prizes. Even if you fail to rank you’ll still get something for participating.

There is also Survival Mode. The name speaks for itself: you play a random level and try and survive for as long as possible. You’re once again ranked for this and can gain access to some excellent prizes.

The final mode in the game is a Speedrun Mode which the speedrunning community will love. You can certainly spend dozens of hours here perfecting your runs, trying to find the perfect route to shave some valuable seconds from the clock.

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The game is really fun. Its freedom of movement and the acrobatic skills you can perform are brilliant and very rewarding. Seraph offers a nice shiny Platinum for your efforts, but it’ll be quite challenging to get it! I had a lot of fun writing this Seraph review, and I highly recommend you purchase this very polished released for your PS4 today!

pros=”Freedom of movement.
Crafting elements.
Great Graphics.” cons=”Upgrades menu could use a redesign.” score=90]

This Seraph review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Dreadbit.