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[PS4] Kyurinaga’s Revenge Review

Kyurinaga's Revenge Review

Kyurinaga’s Revenge is a spin-off from Yasai Ninja, a game that was released on PS4 last year. I had a lot of fun playing and reviewing Yasai Ninja, so I was certainly interested in playing this new release! Kyurinaga’s Revenge does things a bit differently by taking to a bigger platforming influence with some puzzle elements thrown in the mix. Is the game as good or better than Yasai Ninja? Is the story as good and as funny? Well, you are about to find out in our Kyurinaga’s Revenge review!


Like Yasai Ninja, the game is set in Feudal Japan. You will follow the story of an onion called Kaoru Tamanegi, who wields a Katana, and his sidekick who is a broccoli called, funnily enough, Broccoli Joe. Kaoru was ousted from his shogun clan, and Broccoli Joe is just an ordinary guy who has a knack for throwing Kunai.

The game picks up after the events of the last game, in which Kyurinaga’s war machine took a decisive blow after Kaoru and Broccoli Joe blew up the forge. Kyuringa managed to escape and swore revenge on Kaoru and Broccoli for defying him and wrecking his plans. In this follow-up/spin-off, there are two new game modes, including Horde Mode, which can be unlocked after beating the main campaign.

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The game has retained the same comic book cartoony art style that was shown in Yasai Ninja, making this a very good looking release. The mechanics are not much different from last year’s campaign. You have two types of events to play. You have the platforming events where you can collect coins and solve puzzles in a 2D plane as well as collect resources. And then there are the adventure events which are in 3D where you can go around the levels defeating enemies – much like in the last game. Another core mechanic is back: the ability to switch between Kaoru and Broccoli Joe whenever you wish. Kaoru can place bombs to blow stuff up, and Broccoli Joe can throw Kunai to cut things down.

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There are multiple difficulty settings to suit every kind of player, and the game offers generous checkpoints. The one thing to remember is taht you have to manually activate them with the Square button. This is interesting since it gives players a choice of not having them activated, thus considerably increasing the challenge. As for the difficulty settings, Easy mode gives you unlimited lives, and the higher you go in difficulty the less lives and checkpoints you get. .

Kyurinaga’s Revenge offers the opportunity to explore the combat side of the game, where you will have to use the duo’s weapons to fight off enemies coming at you from either side of the screen. You can freely switch between both characters as needed. The pair is placed in the middle of the screen and enemies come at you in groups. You must then defeat them using Quick Time Events (QTE).

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The game is not as fleshed out as Yasai Ninja, but I did have fun with it as I worked on my Kyurinaga’s Revenge review. I liked what the game did with this new game, and hopefully they’re hard at work on a new entry in this universe.

pros=”Good comic book style graphics
Fun puzzles.
Co-op mode available.
Two unlockable modes.” cons=”Not as fleshed out as Yasai Ninja” score=81]

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