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[Beyond PlayStation] Adventure Labyrinth Story Review


Adventure Labyrinth Story Review

Adventure Labyrinth Story is a pure top-down roguelike dungeon crawler with randomized dungeon layouts and enemies. Does the game’s mechanics make this sound like a fun release to you? Does it have a good story? Come read our Adventure Labyrinth Story Review to find out!


Adventure Labyrinth is a very exploration heavy dungeon crawler, and despite having ‘story’ in the title, the story elements are fairly light. Upon booting up the game for the first time, you are told that a mysterious dungeon has suddenly appeared which the main protagonist wants to go and explore it. But before that, you must first prove your worth and obtain your adventurer’s license. To get that you must complete 11 tutorial dungeon floors – these serve as your basic training. And if you succeed, you will find a permit on the 11th floor which allows you to explore the mysterious labyrinth.

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The tutorial dungeon is really good and will introduce you to the gameplay mechanics of the game. On top of this, you will also be introduced to some of the enemies you will encounter during the rest of your quest. Unlike a true roguelike, where food and healing items are few and far between, said items are very plentiful in this game. I died only once – on the 10th floor – and that was due to my own mistakes.

Once you are done with the starting section, you can explore the town a little bit before you go into the labyrinth for the first time. There is a tavern where you can use the storeroom for your items. Also, you can deposit any money you have earned during your adventures to keep it safe. If you die, you lose all the loot and money on you. And if you die, you also revert to level 1 and return to the first floor of the labyrinth. The tavern also has a cooking stove. Once you have the appropriate ingredients, which you find as you explore, you can try your hand at some cooking.

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Adventure Labyrinth Story draws some inspirations from games such as the Etrian Odyssey series, with the auto mapping as you explore feature and the turn-based combat elements. And in this game, when you move, so do your enemies! There are also some classic roguelike elements such as invisible traps, spikes, poison, warp plates and so on. Thankfully you can find items that display where the traps are so you can avoid them.

Something I certainly didn’t like is the extremely limited inventory space. Due to the large amount of loot you can find you’ll need to decide what to keep and what to drop. An alternative is to use an escape potion to go to the storeroom to keep what you want, but once you exit the labyrinth, you’ll have to return as a level 1 adventurer. Luckily once you find better and stronger weapons, the enemies you encounter on the first floors can be killed in a single hit.

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There is a peddler you can buy and sell stuff to, but he is certainly not on every floor. On top of this, due to the randomization nature of the dungeon layouts, he is not always in the same spot. So, for example, if during your first run you saw him first on floor 3 and you leave and come back into the labythin, he might not appear again until much, much deeper into the dungeon.

As for the loot you’ll find? There is a lot of stuff such as swords, shields, staffs, food, recipe ingredients as well as spell books. An example of this last item would be the Book of Discernment which allows you to identify unknown items in your inventory.

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There is a guy in town – that likes to say ‘moof’ a lot – who will offer you an opportunity to synthesize your weapons to make them stronger with better abilities. These include stuff such as rustproofing, increased attack, and more. And in order to make this happen, you need to find a ticket. Tickets you can either find in the labyrinth or buy from the peddler for a high price.

Healing your wounds is not the only thing you need to worry about. You also need to keep an eye on your hunger meter. Tou are given a lunch box at the start of your adventure, and you will come across a good supply of bread to refill your hunger meter. Unfortunately, food tends to take a lot of inventory space, so you’ll need to balance your experience so that you always have a spot or two for new stuff.

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This is a fun roguelike dungeon crawler that will keep you busy for a while. I enjoyed my time with it for my Adventure Labyrinth Story review, and other than the inventory space being too small, I do recommend this very addictive releaes. There is a good variety of enemies to challenge you, and luckily you can always cook something to help you as long as you have the right ingredients.

pros=”Lots of loot.
Huge variety of enemies.
Brilliant graphics.
Good mechanics.” cons=”Limited Inventory space might get in your way.” score=80]

This Adventure Labyrinth Story review is based on a 3DS copy provided by Circle Entertainment.