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[Beyond PlayStation] Pirate Pop Plus Review


Pirate Pop Plus Review

Who doesn’t like a nice and simple relaxing game with no complicated mechanics every now and then? Well, if you’re in the mood for that, then look no further because Pirate Pop Plus is here! I found myself so engrossed in this simple but fun game that I lost track of time and realized I had been playing for an entire evening and most of the night! Want to learn why this is a must have Wii U and 3DS release? Then read our Pirate Pop Plus review!


Pirate Pop Plus is available on both the Wii U and 3DS on the eshop right now at a very attractive price. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be playing the Wii U version. Now, let me tell you why this game is so addictive.

Pirate Pop Plus is a bubble popping arcade game. You play as Pete Junior who wakes to see bubbles floating in the air in the distance. When he looks a bit closer, he realized that villagers were trapped inside the bubbles. Pete Junior then finds out that the evil Bubble Pirate is behind it all. Pete grabs his trusty anchor and uses it to pop those bubbles to release the villagers.

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Gameplay is simple and to the point. You can move Pete with the D-Pad, and fire your anchor to pop bubbles as you dodge when they get too close for comfort. The more bubbles you pop in succession, the bigger the combo you earn, allowing you to score more points.

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You start on level zero with two large bubbles, and popping them makes the bubbles smaller and faster until you finally get rid of all of them. Bubble Pirate will pop up from time to time in the middle of the screen to place more large bubbles, and if you manage to hit Bubble Pirate, you will earn money. Bubble Pirate will also change your gravity to either side of the wall or even the ceiling for some extra chaotic gameplay.

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And what do you do with the stack of coins you can earn as you play? You can spend it to get a variety of colors for your retro pocket game borders and buttons, and you can also buy decals, faceplates and screen colors. There is plenty of customization options to choose from.

The game will challenge you to complete its achievements, keeping you coming back for more. For example: can you hit a combo of 50? Even the most expert of bubble poppers may have a hard time achieving that! The achievements list is a fun set of extra goals for you to complete, but none are unfair.

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Pirate Pop Plus will certainly appeal to the fans who owned a GameBoy back in the day. The graphics are very similar to the games of that era, adding a lot of charm to the game. The sprites, look and colors of the game, as well as its simplicity, capture the feeling of playing an actual GameBoy. I absolutely loved my time with the game for my Pirate Pop Plus review, and I highly recommend that you buy it today.

pros=”Very fun and addictive experience.
Great music.
Simple gameplay mechanics.
Lots of customization options.” cons=”No complaints.” score=90]

This Pirate Pop Plus review is based on a Wii U copy provided by 13AM Games.