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[PS4] Wick Review

Wick Review

Wick is a first person survival horror game. The game will start you off with a bit of dialogue before everything goes dark. Your blindfold comes off, and you find yourself alone in the woods, at midnight, with only a candle in front of you. Can you survive? Can you escape the supernatural beings in the area? Want to learn more? Then read our Wick review!


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Once you pick up the candle, you find a note pinned to a tree warning you to stay in the light. And you better follow this advice if you want to stay alive! Make sure you always have a candle ready because the flame goes out after around three minutes. Fortunately, though there are candles aplenty, as long as you move towards the flashing specs of light in the distance. Run as fast as you can before the flame goes out, because if you don’t make it in time… well, things will get intense!

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Wick is played out by the hour, and you need to survive between midnight and 6 a.m. The story is told via pieces of paper that you find throughout the game that are pinned to trees. You’ll also learn more about what is going on from the various items scattered around. There is very little opportunity for exploration as your candle doesn’t last long enough for you to walk around to areas you shouldn’t visit. Exploration will only happen in the area close to a new candle. You’ll find deadly enemies during your journey. Some are minding their own business, while others will catch a glimpse of you and make your life hell.

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Each hour you survive is a checkpoint, so if you die at 2 a.m. you automatically restart from the 2 a.m. point. Also, each hour you survive gives you a trophy. And the longer you survive, the more intense the enemies become. This makes it tougher and tougher to survive. A single in-game hour is around 10 minutes or so in real time.

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The first enemy I ran into was a crazy kid in a weird mask. Luckily he was easy to avoid. There’s also some strategy thrown in the mix, since you need to be careful when running. If you run for long, you’ll become tired. You can imagine what will happen if your enemies catch up to you, so be sure to always be ready! Once an enemy gets you, it’s game over.

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You’ll learn from trial and error. For example, some kids you find require that you do not make eye contact. Once you know this, subsequent runs become easier. It is really important to note that you must never be stationary at any given time. As soon as you have a new candle, you must light it up, and then move again. You are constantly be stalked by crazed murderous kids, and every second counts.

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For best results, I suggest you play at night in pitch black darkness with the volume turned up. Or wear wireless headphones as to not wake up your neighbors. But then again, your screams might wake them up anyway.

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I really liked my time with the game for writing my Wick review. The game reminded me a bit of how scared I felt while playing Alien Isolation, and that can only be a good thing. Be sure to give Wick on PS4 a try – I’m sure you’ll love it!

pros=”Fun gameplay.
Creepy sound effects.
Tons of jump scares.” cons=”No exploration opportunities.” score=83]

This Wick review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Hellbent Games.