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[Review Revisited] Teslagrad


Explore an old tower discovering secrets and gaining the abilities of a Teslamancer, using electricity to explore the tower in unique and cool ways. Check out our Review Revisited for Teslagrad!

Teslagrad is a fun Metoirdvania title that I had the opportunity to review last year. The game is about a boy living in a despotic dictator’s world – he decides to escape to avoid being captured. He enters Tesla Tower and gains new skills as he explores, giving him the tools to stop the evil dictator.

The Metroidvania elements are great and allow you to easily explore the world once you start getting more upgrades. That being said, I did run into a few situations where I felt that the game’s controls had gotten in the way of my run – I ended up dying when I knew I had done the right thing. Other than that, you’ll certainly enjoy the game which is packed with Easter eggs and nods to other beloved games.

The thing that stuck the most with me after my review is the game’s art style. It gives off a very Eastern European feel. All of the sprites and locations are hand-drawn, thus creating a beautiful but somber world. This game goes that great art direction goes a long way.


Teslagrad is also an easy Platinum, which you should be able to get in a handful of hours. All of the trophies are based on finding hidden scrolls, which give you an extended look at the game’s backstory. Once you find all 36 scrolls, the Platinum will pop.

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